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Cycling is something your body never forgets. But with James and Sol the opposite has always been true. The problem may have been found.

 Years into the relationship to Sol, James thought he had a revelation when he realized that it is a recumbent. But whatever success was short-lived. James, yes, the vehicle is a recumbent, but it is not a recliner. And James had taken that latter meaning he realized last night and today. After an extremely discouraging ride yesterday, the first in weeks, extremely discouraging, James found himself pondering a lot what's going on with the conventional bicycle. And what he realized was that when one looks for power in a conventional cycle, one might stand and strain up right, but not a racing cyclist, they'll lean forward to an almost 45 degree angle between the Torso and the thigh. For anyone remotely serious about moving this vehicle, I think there is a substantial design flaw. As comfortable as the seat is it's a recliner. So a very short test was extremely encouraging. Rolling up a towel and placing it between the mid and upper spine to help the Torso sit more upright, more at that 45 degree angle, and immediately all this ridiculous destructive painful distracting focus and stress on the knees and the lower legs which is just not there on a conventional bicycle, evaporated. And the attention went to the thighs where the attention should be. Yes, James has had thousands of these junctures. We'll see.

Also, this Witch is James base of operations 24/7 12 months in a year oh, yes, winter, the worst unsolved problem had been the feet. And it seemed that the answer was the only warm cycling boots that clip into the pedals, 450 bucks. But that's four hundred and fifty bucks. Initial tests indicate that the $70 thinsulate boots that shames already had, plus the $30 two-sided cycling pedals, straps on one side, clips for his cycling shoes on the other, is going to do the job. That's big.

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