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36000 miles James has been cycling an impossible vehicle.

 No discredit to Saul and maybe notice credit to James.

Imagine a conventional racing bicycle two wheels and everything is normal except for one thing. Instead of the seat being on a rigid bracket with no movement instead it is on a relatively fluid ball joint such that unless at every moment of the cycle the body's muscles are used to create what they fixed seat was able to create by way of stability oh, well, that's where James has been. But his wounded left leg forced him to find something different and no credit to him he found it today

Some time ago maybe Colorado or into Utah the notion of the pretty mm fighting such a planted position that it seemed that it was on a bicycle seat was helpful but not sufficiently helpful and after a while James body Let It Go. What was discovered today seems to be the much more stable implementation.

That more stable implementation is planting the enti  torso from the lower spine up to Upper mid-back  or mid back so firmly and immovable e on the seat that for the first time ever the legs can operate with full knowledge that they are not responsible for the Torso in any way but rather able to Calgon the Torso providing them a world in which they can operate  freely. 

 This was found in park with a recollection this morning per earlier notes today open ocean of crowding as opposed to wear James body naturally goes which is to try and find power at full extension. But today is notion of crowding brought back to mind James conventional cycling days and that the power was in the area between the mid buttocks and the thighs every stroke all the time fluidly in contact with the vehicle and dealing with the need for energy to keep the vehicle moving forward and that began to return. So that was an absolutely necessary stepping stone it seems but the incredible development was understand that in recumbent cycling the body needs and Ken have a totally reliable fixed situation for the Torso exactly as it has in a conventional bicycle freeing the thighs as just described from the mid buttocks out through mid thigh to be the smooth intuitive power source that they are in conventional cycling instead of the ball and socket seat analogy that makes it seem intuitively obvious that incredible gymnastics are required out of the entire body and nothing less then the feet and ankles and knees with impeccable timing to have any sort of a reasonable performance.

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