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Apparently I'm not supposed to die yet, mission is not supposed to end yet. Why do I say this....?


Apparently I'm not supposed to die yet, mission is not supposed to end yet. Why do I say this.... , because by every right it should have ended early yesterday evening. I did everything possible to destroy Sol and myself in the process. Oh I'm doing my best, but the degree of difficulty is extraordinarily high. Not knowing if and when the severe pain in my mouth will shut me down I've doubled my mileage each day trying to get to Lansing my destination. It's very cold. So stopping to run the generator is not a desirable thing. So very carefully, very carefully, very carefully, I thought, I decided to run the generator while I was traveling with the back gate propped open about 7 in so the exhaust to go out. It was a very long day, about a marathon and a qtr worth of human energy. Probably 9 hours of travel. So yes very carefully, except I turned it the wrong way so that the very hot exhaust was exactly on the stack of plastic boxes and it turns out a brand new lithium-ion battery sitting there awaiting the power cord that the ebike place forgot to send me. After half an hour I begin to smell something but I thought that can't be me. Finally the generator stopped because it had overheated itself. Plastic boxes and one end of the new battery that by rights should have exploded , were totally melted, a melted Mass. I slept all night in those fumes. I'm not feeling terribly well right now. But under the circumstances the entire vehicle should have been destroyed with that battery blowing up, and my laptop should have been destroyed which was in one of the boxes, and the generator, and the inverter. But as it stands everything's working except for the battery, and maybe even that, but I've got to find a totally open non-flammable field where I can test the battery in case it blows up. And maybe my lungs. Time will tell.

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