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Cycling. Four years of failure? Trying to solve the wrong problem almost all this time?

That's how it seems. And my concern is anyone that I have led down the wrong path. I've had it all wrong I think. almost certain. 

 Maybe in some cycling one gages off of how the powae 1 Provides moves the object to be moved. In this case Sol obviously.  so when a motion of the body creates a clear forward movement that is to be repeated, correct? It just doesn't work with saul and James. And for almost 3 years with one or maybe 2 exceptions that is what James has been trying to do, the problem he has been trying to solve, How to launch saul forward with his help 

 Iowa may have been exception 

 The Times out of grand Junction Colorado may have been an exception. There was a time going South in Oregon or Washington when pumping energy out of the ground concept. Perenium eggbeater…. 

These just mentioned may have been and probably were exceptions to a degree What the intuitive Desire of the body to figure out how to launch sol forward and to minimize exertion have been the dominant. 

 Yesterday an impossibly long difficult ride on top of several prior After an hour or so something different took place . Don't try to launch forward James in fact savor every delay as an additional instant where you can inject energy into the ride, not the movement, into the journey. It caused a change in orientation, Rather than the body trying to launch energy forward it intuitively moved to the direction Downward. It just happened. from maybe 70゚ forward to 45゚ Down. 

A complementary Notion had occurred prior then that was a notion of different gear levels for James' body but not gears but felt level of Energy contribution tactile at the knees. And radiation such as 05/10/15 20  pounds have been discussed. 

Wow, guess who's back. The emphasis on the up rising leg. But different. Attempting to maintain a felt 0.1 pound of pressure against the top every centimeter of travel along the road. The lower leg takes care of itself. 

Savoring weightlessness of the upper leg. 100% of the time. lower leg delivering that weightlessness. 

Saver continuous weightlessness 100 of the of the time, an uprising leg seems to be an ideal timing and synchronization device. At least for the last 45 minutes everything else takes care of itself. 

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