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Tolstoy is going to kill me. Dec 11.

Drive me crazy. 

Was he crazy? 


Many times James read the Kingdom of God is within you, changed the entire life trajectory of young Gandhi when in law school in London. 

And upon reading it the 1st time and every time it is
that powerful.

He didn't just create a Gandhi largely with this book, Martin Luther king inspired by Gandhi was substantially formed as well. 

The Kingdom of God is within you, this book, which Tolstoy's subtitles, a new theory of life, why the fuck's, why the fuck's, why the fuck's… does he not write it as a new theory of life rather than a new dogma of life????? 

 And not for academic reasons but practical James is devoting substantial time now trying to answer that question, why indeed. And not really to answer that question, but rather to document for himself and others that it really was a theory of life that Tolstoy was on to 

but fuckings a Leo, why couldn't you write it that way? Why didn't you write it that way? I mean you have cost me and will continue to cost me interminable time trying to answer this question mentioned above, time that you could have saved me? And you have .... Really set Gandhi and king and those of us influenced by these souls on somewhat of a wild goose Chase. 

Anyway, this is what James is working on. 

Made more cumbersome by his need to travel. But now enough of an automatic cyclist that he can have the chapters read to him as he travels, to increase his familiarity, and hopefully thereby increase the efficiency when he can be hands free and in the morning and evening to extract those one in a 1000 sentences where there is evidence that indeed it was a theory of life based on the our dna given psychology. 

Where Will James wind up on this effort? He does not know. 

Maybe documenting that indeed Tall sky was clear in himself and maybe with us that it's a theory. To Christianity as a religion For leverage in moving the world's. 

A question alongside of this, if now 130 years after publishing this work Tolstoy were alive, had the benefit of world history up through today, How would he have reacted? If he believes the assertions that he writes he would have to be shocked, heartbroken, Horrified, destraught. Secondarily that he had been so wrong that we were on the verge of correcting ourself, The he had been so wrong, and more centrally horrified at the human horror  That he was seeing us unleash on ourselves.

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