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FAQ solar cycle RV.

Does it run on solar?
Come on friends, you mean, do I carry 7 solar panels for decoration? This or some variation is the most frequently Asked question. Come on guys, respect your intelligence.

Is it a bike or does it have a motor? 
Probably the number to question. Please friends, you're much smarter than this. Why would it be one or the other? It can be powered by me and always is, my choice, and it has two electric motors to deal with all of this weight.

How far have you gone? Not far enough to make any difference. But in terms of miles, this the end of May 2018, roughly 13500 so far.

Where are you going?
Wherever I can make the most difference to increase someone's joy, and alleviate someone suffering, on this planet being murdered by we humans. Presently that has me going to beautiful places of nature to try and channel that goodness into the world in my writing, with photographs. Yes, it is incredibly pitiful, but it's the best I can see to do. The world is dying due to the lack of one thing, enough goodness.

What is this about?
The forward part of the vehicle was purchased about three years ago as a prop to sit on Capitol Hill where the Congress creatures Slither from their offices over to the Capitol to vote money for fossil fuels because we don't have the technology to harness the daily dose of sun we are sent. Needing to pass this solar vehicle within inches maybe it would make it a little bit more difficult for some congressmen to choke out there lies. Probably not. But it was the best I could see to do. By August of 2016 it was clear to me that whatever good that was doing was not enough, but no change will come from Washington, and that probably no will change will come from in the country but it was more likely to come from out in the countryside so I embarked on what I thought was a quick trip. And then back to my nice warm apartment before things got too cold. But I came to think that Standing Rock North Dakota could be a Selma Moment 4 our destruction of the planet so a 1700 my trip was undertaken arriving several days after Thanksgiving 2 hours before the first blizzard. Three months there and it on the last day in handcuffs with 47 others who it also stayed. Several months later the vehicle was repaired and the journey resumed now to the West Coast to possibly Inspire an engineer here or there to take the concept and do their own version. That mission was completed by San Diego in November. The winter was spent in the Joshua Tree California area trying to discern how to help in this determined to destroy itself world. The answer that came was, use every breath to simply try and channel a little bit of goodness into the world. I see goodness, Creator, in the kindness of one person to another which is extremely rare, and in nature which still can be seen in some abundance so I am spending my time in that abundance in California studying, researching, writing, and traveling to the next beautiful place where I can work online. I won't be surprised if this constitutes the rest of my days. But the instant I see a better way to serve I'll do that.

How far can it go?
How far can a sailboat go? It depends, right?  Comfortably I average 40 or 50 miles a day. Weeks or months go by without needing to plug in. Please see the data write up below.

How fast does it go?
This custom experimental vehicle has been designed for distance. Wind drag is a major factor in range of any vehicle but on a vehicle like this the effects of wind drag are extremely apparent as with any bicycle. So I have chosen to gear it for an average speed of 11 miles an hour which reduces wind drag and also increases torque available for climbing steep climbs which it can do. We are currently crawling around the Rockies. We just completed the climb to Whitney portal which is one of the five or so most difficult bicycle climbs in the entire United States.

Are you a Christian?
I am the opposite of a Christian. I attempt to be christ-like.

Did you make this?
I made none of the components, I integrated all of the components. Currently this is a one-of-a-kind experimental vehicle, sadly. Its original intention now abandoned because it's too late to make any difference, was to inspire others to do their own version, the way the Wright brothers plane was never much of a commercial success but it inspired others to make vehicles of the type. The forward part is a structure created by a company in Durham North Carolina, Organic Transit, called the elf. The rear pop-up camper RV, my home, was created by a wonderful young man I met at Standing Rock North Dakota to Winters ago. He designed welded and constructed this miraculous thing.

Can you sleep in that?
I do sleep in it, every night. Wouldn’t you?

How can you afford that?
How could I not afford this? Everything I or you consume destroys the future. Virtually everything. How can I do other than live as lightly on this Earth as possible? Everything else is unspeakably hateful. And how could I be so ignorant as to not understand what a joyful way to be this is? Look at the photographs that I post. The Lilies of the Field in all their splendor. The Magnificent, the little bit left, is my office. Often for free on so-called BLM land or similar government property. Or, like tonight, $4 a night on my senior pass. Even with a full day of travel the sun gives me enough energy for oatmeal in the morning and coffee, and boiled rice and Pasta in the evening.

How fast does it go?
It could have been geared for 20 or 30 miles an hour. The vehicle was designed for efficiency and range on the Sun not for Speed. A vehicle could be designed for Speed but on the third world United States roads it would require a substantial redesign to avoid being destroyed on the next pothole. As a point of reference I understand that the fastest production automobile is one of the Tesla electric vehicles. And some owners of Tesla vehicles generate the electricity they travel with, as do I, using solar panels on the roof of their home or in their backyard.

With 12 watt solar panels how do you charge 48 volt batteries?
Blue Sky energy, Genasun is the product name, manufacturers charge controllers that do exactly that. It's a wonderful company in California. Just Northeast outside San Diego.

What is the vehicle cost?
This is a one-of-a-kind custom vehicle. To replace it would cost probably $20,000. Bear in mind, this is a mobile home, RV, long-distance solar bicycle RV. Point being at 25% of the price there is a vehicle for around town or much lower use. Electric bike conversion kits start at two three or four hundred dollars.

How much are the solar panels?
The vehicle has 7 100 watt solar panels. A typical solar panel, 100w, in an aluminum frame and heavy glass costs about $80 although Trump is doing what he can to increase that. The bastard. Weight is a major factor in the efficiency of a vehicle so thankfully there are handles from companies like Suaoki that way just four pounds peace and are flexible and very durable. And very well supported I might add.

Does it have a radio?
Yes, it's called a smartphone, Galaxy S6, width earbuds. It is the Navigator of this Voyage with Google Maps. If one tells Google Maps it is a bike detailed elevation information is provided which is essential for calculating range. I have an application called at voice reads me articles and or books all the time that I'm traveling.

Does it have heat?
Yes, it is called pedaling, and it has me between warm and sweating within moments of beginning a journey. Also lots of layers of clothing and several sleeping bags. Works great. Nothing additional is wanted or needed.

Does it have doors?
What cyclist would want doors? You would burn up from the Heat. But I do have vinyl that can be velcroed to close up the open areas completely in the event of extremely hostile weather. I cannot remember the last time I have used them.


On level ground no wind this 700 pound vehicle, loaded, 850 including driver, takes about 50 watts per mile to move. On a reasonably sunny day Midwinter the vehicle generates about 1500 W solar, or 30 miles worth of travel, if I pedal fairly strongly all the time which I do because I like to. On a typical trip with my accurate instrumentation I can tell that I do between 15 and 20% worth of the distance, the energy, the work, between 7 and 10 watts per mile at 10 miles an hour. The two electric motors fueled by the sun do the rest. Midsummer it generates about three times as much. About a hundred miles a day's worth. And on days we are not traveling, and even days when we do, there's typically enough left over for a hot breakfast and a hot dinner. Electric kettle and electric pot respectively. An inverter converts the 48 watt power system 2 110.

Wind is a massive variable. A 15 mile per hour headwind consistent probably cuts the range in half for example.

Climbing is a huge variable. Each 100 foot climb costs roughly 50 Watts. A gentle Descent of a hundred feet will return roughly 20 watts, and a steep decline probably 30 Watts due to regenerative braking.

Instrumentation. The electronics from this system have been purchased from the world pioneers 4 Ebikes, grin Technologies in Vancouver Canada, who have been remarkably patient and generous for this vehicle and this effort which they have grudgingly come to see with some respect. They have a brilliant designer, Justin, the owner and founder, they source equipment manufactured to their spec in China and or find Optimal Parts in China and Market than worldwide through their website. And some of their components they manufacture in Canada. As with the entire e-bike industry support is lagging far far far far behind the technology. Someone with an appetite for getting involved technically and mechanically can have a vehicle for shockingly low price. Anyone else should be happy to find people to do the technical work and support work and or to pay the prices of e-bikes And ebike repair which is definitely available but not yet inexpensive.
Solar electric vehicle is very simple, we just haven't been taught, and we have been misled.

If Beyond this you have questions feel free to contact me on Facebook or email me but be certain that you have made an effort to digest and understand what has already been shared.

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