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Very important exchange with a beloved brother who is also a Jehovah's Witness, met many years ago at my vigil at the White House. He wrote: Good morning my friend. You are likely aware of all of this but I thought of you when I watched.....

Very important exchange where they beloved brother who is also a Jehovah's Witness, met many years ago at my vigil at the White House. He wrote:

Good morning my friend.
You are likely aware of all of this but I thought of you when I watched this video from Aljazeer.
Ironically JWs in Russia are officially banned again, this time as "extremist." For decades under the KGB days, they were banned because they were considered "pacifists."  Even the New World Translation of the Bible now has been officially banned as "extremist literature."  As well as the child's story book, "My book of Bible stories."  The world is completely upside down. ammes/peopleandpower/2017/10/ russia-orthodox-connection- 171017140019859.html

You recently asked in one of your posts, "Creator, what have I done wrong?"  The answer that I would give to you if I was the Creator is, "You have done nothing wrong with the information that you have. You just have not considered all the options."  But what do I know?
If you start with the wrong premise, you will never come to the right conclusions.  That is just simple mathematics.
Your heart/consciousness/love/humanity is still driving you after all these years.  Your battle is against something bigger than you and I but the answer to your question is there.  You are just missing the same piece of the puzzle that you were missing years ago, when we first met.

No matter what my friend, I am at your side.

I reply:

LOL, and I am at your side. What I'm about to say is not Tit for Tat. Last night you were on my mind and only this morning did I see your email.

You were on my mind as Creator gave me a great gift of clarity. I have been in the desert many days now doing my best to get closer to the teachings and example of the historical Jesus. My heart, that of Creator in me, is my primary guide but I am also informed by the scholarly work of the Jesus seminar and of that extraordinary creation of crater, Leo Tolstoy in his writings on what he found in his translation of the Greek gospel.

Sometime probably today I will provide a update, maybe a video, of the clarity that is being given me.

Your sadness for me and what I am not seeing all these years, is reciprocal of the sadness I feel out of love for you in the truth that you are not seeing.

But before I go on let me say, I do find it a substantial validation by creator that you and your religious group are being discriminated against by the Russian Empire. Respect. And probably gratitude.

you may not be glad to know that the revelations of the last few days, the sharpening of my many years understanding now on which I have lived, was very much in the opposite direction of what you would want. It is that his life an example, and even that of some of his followers that wrote much of the ethics of the Gospels, their entire religion, 100% of their religion, was the Imperial rule of the heart within man, the Creator, the piece of the spirit of Creator, placed in all of us at our birth. The rule of heart over Flash and head. That's it. Jesus religion, and mine, was loving creator and our fellow creatures with our whole heart mind and soul. That's it. And what else could we possibly need?

Out of respect, that last is a rhetorical question.

More later. Hugs to you both. James

PS. There was much tongue-in-cheek when I asked Creator, what am I doing wrong? And great humility I think the Creator is quite pleased With my walk. I think the Jesus is quite pleased with my walk. I also expect to be writing unless surprised at my deep affection for the occasional tree or bush that I see growing out of a rock or out of a huge mountain of Boulders here in the desert. Popular meme from typically fairly affluent westerners, certainly in business, of the flower growing through concrete, makes my blood boil. The concrete is a consequence of the apathy of those with resources, the selfishness and hoarding of those with resources. Makes my blood boil.

But as my acceptance that material Armageddon unstoppably is on a folding becomes more acute, seemingly final Within Me, I now with much greater Clarity Sees at what I'm called to try and do, and that what Jesus felt he was called to try and do, was to find that seed in the midst of the desert but he might help have life.

Again, hugs

PPS. If there is much of love, creator, in and through your religious organization, and I think there is, as evidenced by Russia's Crackdown on you all, if there is that love, Jesus religion, then I will acknowledge that for some set of the population, your fellow religionists, having the edifice as you see it through the lens of JW, helps you, that set of the population do that. If that's what's going on I have no objection. It is not my way. It was not Jesus way. But loving, Imperial rule of the heart over / Flash and head, is the way, and if your conception helps you and your fellows do that, I am only glad.

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