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### THIS... is what activism looks like. I am and will continue to be extremely harsh, scathing, in calling out, occasionally, what passes for activism that in fact is activism in name only. Hypocrisy does not... ' 23 young Jews arrested in America for protesting Israel's occupation of Palestine''

### THIS... is what activism looks like. I am and will continue to be extremely harsh, scathing, in calling out, occasionally, what passes for activism that in fact is activism in name only. Hypocrisy does not require that the hypocrite see their own hypocrisy. In fact,  hypocrisy, the child of denial, is always acting the part, not BEING the part, without self acknowledging that fact. If it was with acknowledging that fact it would be lying, deceit, deception, not hypocrisy. Why scathing, why extremely harsh? Because unless this gets fixed the future is existential hell for all future generations starting with disadvantaged current Generations. How the f*** should I be? What the f*** does loving do in the face of impending horror Beyond any ever seen for the human species, for all species? To do less would be unloving which I refuse to be. To my eyes, the actions described in the following article begin to be the epitome of what activism worthy the name is: Disciplined, respectable, scrupulous respectability, truly Brave, deeply selfless , making manifest the deepest longings of the heart, truly heroic, deeply courageous in truth, well thought-out but not show not theatrics not a media ploy,  absolutely centered  on others who are in extreme need,  0 self-centered, injecting self exactly in the way of the impending harm, completely within one's rights, never violating the rights of others physically morally or otherwise including the right  of every creature in every circumstance to be treated as a human being regardless of how horrible ones Behavior may be, personally paying the price versus the violence of attempting to get another to pay the price, profoundly well informed, reverential, unfailingly serious, unmistakeably dignified. Non-hostile. Anti-violence. Anti-violent. Am I talking about acquiescence?  Am I talking about tolerating violent acts toward others?  By the police for example ?  Anti-violence is never these things.  Cowardice is the one unforgivable sin according to Gandhi ,  not the use of even deadly physical Force as we love to delude ourselves.  Gandhi demanded physical Force  to protect the weak  if the person who could intervene was incapable of anti-violence.  Are the people in this article wimps? I think the key to understanding the difference between a violent action and anti violent action is to imagine oneself in the presence of ones tremendously be loved just gone insane uncle about to bludgeon his infant child. Might you use violence to stop this? Might you be incredibly harsh to stop this? Of course! Do you hate your uncle or project hatred toward your uncle in intervening? Of course not! See the police as your uncle in a fit of insanity. See the 1% as your uncle in a fit of insanity, because they are. And nonviolence training worth the name is exactly about learning how to do this, not the violence crap that passes for non-violence training today. Watch the documentary, Freedom Riders, actual footage beautifully portrays what non violence training looks like in truth. If the organizations, if not now, Jewish voice for peace, breaking the silence, open Hillel, Christian Peacemaker teams... are not on your daily news scan please put them there. Our sisters and brothers who are the true Jews, the descendants of the ancient Israeli prophetic ethical system, are the one true repository of activism-in-deed that I continually see in 2014, 2015, 2016. Wagers of loving. The anti-violence. The only anti-violence.

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