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***** 60 miles, north of Baltimore more tired than in many many many many years.........

It was a really really really good day. Eventful, a really really really really good day. I'm sitting at an equivalent of Wawa, Royal Farms. I am so exhausted that there are no words. I've been peddling for 6 hours straight which is. 5 to 5 and a half hours more than any day in the last 7 months, on two and a half hours sleep which is about seven and a half hours left then I get each night.. 60 miles, versus the 6 miles a day I've been averaging for many months now. I don't know how this was possible, other than this will that has got a hold of me to do anything in my power to give creation a future. LOL. How it was possible I don't know. But now that I've stopped, well there are no words for how totally and completely exhausted, spent, I am. I expect I'll try and hide over in a corner of the parking lot, throw down my sleeping bag in a blanket animat and hope not to be disturbed until 4 in the morning and then to head out for Westchester.. So who knows if I'll be able to move tomorrow or the next day or the next day. But there's a possibility that I could make Westchester by tomorrow afternoon late. I'm just north of Baltimore. Mercifully much of the ride was on bike pads which I had at least one inch of clearance left to get this large vehicle through. And much of it on traffic Laden High Speed roads. Tomorrow will be the same.
I lost five hours of travel with that broken chain, which turned out LOL, such a comedy I can be, was not broken at all. I had good reason to think that it was, but it wasn't. So the bike shop that I waited to open at 10 o'clock, profoundly nice guys, we had great conversations, help me get it back on the cogs, they enjoyed driving the vehicle, had not seen one.
Aside from this insane will that has me by the throat, today's progress, a third of it, can be laid at the feet of the 12 mile an hour Tailwind that I had and full sun all day long, which combined with this really clever solar trailer that I have rigged gave me enough solar energy with my physical energy.
By the way, various software packages I have to say that I burned some where around 2000 calories today, and between a 20 ounce hot chocolate and 5 bags of Easter candy that was on sale here I'm just heading back. I have not eaten anything all day long, well, I had a couple of chocolate Bagels.
An hour ago I received a very appropriate phone call from one of the organizers of We spoke about their plans and my plans and it looks like tremendous Synergy, the solar vehicle and myself will be very welcome it appears. I suspected, but you never know, when it comes to me. Actually, if it turns out I am welcome that will be a first in 15 years, except for Thomas.
PS, looks like sleeping here is not an option, there's a Walmart 4 Miles up the road, maybe I can make that. That's always worked out in the past, but so has this. No, there is not money for a hotel although Lord knows my body is aching for a tub of hot water. That's money our children in Palestine needed.
Pps. Anybody know if the bike trail that goes over the interstate Bridge from Philadelphia to Cherry Hill New Jersey, if that is wide enough for a 52 inch wide solar bicycle. Almost all bike trails are, but if they're not, they're not.
Ppps.   As I was literally summoning the impossibility of standing , and going to make final preparations for the half-hour, Four Mile trip to Walmart, please let me sleep there, I looked out the window, there was an African-American man my age, back to me, reading the side of the vehicle with the image of Jesus, which talks about serving the global neediest from the soul in solidarity for the infinite peace of heart and joy of it. Stood there for 30 seconds reading it carefully. And turning his gaze to the empty line of fuel pumps, no one in the parking lot, gave a passionate, energetic, definitive thumbs-up , no one watching, gave a thumbs up.  and then he walked across the parking lot and disappeared. 

Pppps .   outside I was flattening the solar panel which at 3pm i angled on the trailer West, doubling or tripling its output, that is so satisfying and so effective. A car pulled up next to my space, a fellow probably about my age, very thin, white guy, not many teeth left, car on its last legs, his female companion, wife maybe, inside comma wonder and awe at the ll vehicle. Wonder and awe,, something that is totally totally totally totally totally devoid in Washington DC and most metropolitan areas. Wonder and awe at the vehicle. we had a nice chat. As he was pulling away I said, do you think they'll let me sleep in the parking lot at Walmart? Oh sure he said. And then he thought, and said, listen, I live 2 blocks down that street, he pointed, just passed my house, the last one on the Block, is an industrial park field with tractor trailers. It is totally safe, totally peaceful. I don't even lock my house. You know, he said excitedly, that's the place where the railroad trailer car blew up not too long ago. He didn't see the humor in it, I laughed. That's where I'll go. I'll be there in 10 minutes, lying down next to the vehicle in 30 minutes, and hope that I have a body when I wake up to an alarm at 4 in the morning to resume this trip.

Pppppps . Heading to the industrial park I noticed a fellow comma probably a drug dealer, had been standing on an empty corner for the several hours since I had been there, interested in the vehicle, would have seen me turn. And going 2 blocks back and seeing the industrial park, one Factory in it works Around the Clock and although dark and quiet there was no exit. So three and a half miles later I'm at the Walmart planning to set up for a couple of hours till things close down and then maybe another 3 hours lying next to the vehicle once my legs wake me up. The legs had some life in them. Maybe part of it was a serious calorie deficit.

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