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March 10th ransoming souls log. Solid progress, solid study.

According to Karen Armstrong's understanding in her book on Paul, he was certainly a well intended fellow. And he substantially approximated the secondary science, Buddhism, the primary science being the truth, that the kingdom of God is within, serving from the soul in solidarity for the joy of it those needy souls. Her book on Paul is a wonderful contribution. Like Parker and Brock, and the Christianity that they describe, the Christianity of Paul, these were all extremely understandable attempts to decrease the suffering and increase the pleasure in an ungodly world of suffering.  and to do so Within famous ologies that they believed, that they wanted to believe, that they imagined, that they inherited from Judaism, that a God would come and fix things. But only in tangent did they ever seem to approach what Jesus taught, if you would hold on to your life in this world you will lose it. The kingdom of God is within you.

Like so many of our best intended, Paul was a highly developed cerebral cortex that had an unusual but distanct relationship, experience, sense, of the mammalian brain, the limbic system, the soul.

A gift to me is that a soul I have encountered of tremendous worth and strength, no credit to that individual, but a rare soul we need among us, is in grave material danger, and blessing to me is staying in contact with me. Time will tell if that contact is of any worth in trying to save and support and amplify that Worthy soul.

In the work just mentioned, such a surprising soul working alongside me, is providing advice, support, of my meager efforts, and maybe even indications of attempting to support the soul in question. Such a magnificent thing. Such a privilege to witness.

Karen Armstrong in the great transformation, an extraordinary necessary book for everyone to read, provides a view that I find extremely promising of the Pharisees at a certain point in time. Jews, scribes, Pharisees, demonized  by Christianity including in the Gospels. In fact in the great transformation, a comprehensive view throughout history of those who were touched by the soul, that attempted to be moved by the soul, there may be no population that did this better than the Pharisees of a certain time, the time of Hillel for example, 80 BCE, to 20 C e as I recall approximately..

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