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Solar RV cycling log. February 24th. Oh well. 1600 calories, this certainly is a lean-and-mean 67 year old machine.

Stream of Consciousness notes to self during this almost four hour, 1700 my calorie, very satisfying journey tonight. A difficult read for anyone that tries, but I needed to process and possibly reflect in the future.

Wow, the axis and dynamic of the wagging appears to have the entire purpose of allowing the fight to naturally achieve full downward extension slightly pulled there by the traveling opposite side and knee. This seems to be shockingly easy, fluid, natural, and powerful. Producing 110 up to 140 watts per hour human. Throughout this very decent performance trip keeping the lower back firmly recumbent to the seat but the upper body forward to put pressure downword on that thigh. Also, keeping the body perpendicular to the vehicle is seemingly crucial.
and now, for a brief moment at least that time of months ago, so euphoric when the upward thrust of the knee seemed to deliver all power, is returning. When the purpose of the upper thrust is to help that full extension of the lower thigh it is almost like magic. Important notes. An hour later this was not sustainable. Instead the purpose of the uprising thigh is to roll in to support the down thrusting thigh, the down extending thigh, to that hundred and thirty degrees thrust, although thrust is not what it feels like, natural extension is what it feels like.

Well, remember how two nights ago everything was mastered? Everything was set? Well, it wasn't. This has been a good journey tonight, much less automatic but some good lessons learned. Tonight the lesson seems to be that the purpose of the up stroke of the thigh is to support the full natural relaxed downward hundred twenty degree extension of the lower thigh. Rowling into that position. Not forced not pressured but rolling to natural extension. It seems to be a good discovery.  Notes. At the end of the trip it was not rolling down but rather felt like it was extending down and that felt more natural. It was not extremely powerful although we were very fatigued, but it seemed very sustainable and effective.
And then, on this last, steepest, part of the travel, last quarter mile, what seemed quite wonderful, where survival is about all I can hope for, exhausted, it was as though the upward moment of the thigh was entirely to allow the downward thigh to inject energy down at about 130 or 140 degrees. Don't know what this means. But was grateful to have found it.

LOL, I don't know that I will ever settle in on one set of metal imagery, technique, physical process for cycling. It seems to be an ongoing process of the most useful way of thinking of it of the day. I do think there is some cumulative stuff going on, and there is some strengthening of the body. Oh well. 1600 calories, this certainly is a lean-and-mean 67 year old machine.

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