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Ransoming Souls log. February 25th. I replied, no, the destination is the rare Soul, not geography.

Yesterday, while work was being done on the vehicle parked next to the sidewalk and the hostel down in Lone Pine, a slim nice mid-60s silver-haired woman approached, asked a few questions, including, where is your destination, implying Geographic place. No I said, the destination is not geography, but the one in a million Soul, limbic system I told her, that can no longer stand the tyranny of the head in the flesh. As I could not stand it. And no credit to me over the decade so I've learned to liberate the soul, and if there's anyone else that would like that help, I would like to provide it. God bless you, she honestly but quietly muttered.
I don't remember why but I mentioned to her that the day before two years ago being led away in handcuffs I was at Standing Rock. Oh yes, we in Canada do the same, Kinder Morgan pipeline. It sounds like she personally has done such work. But she indicated she was headed over to get something to eat.
Extremely tired from yesterday's Journey but not sure why particularly tired because of yesterday. Much of the day was consumed with work on SOL, the vehicle. An attempt to solidify wiring that at times melts under heavy load failed, though quite a bit was learned and probably will be completed tomorrow if the hardware store has the 10 or 12 gauge wire needed. Also, soldering can be done using solar power and the inverter, but this particular wiring is the live wiring and apparently it's very dangerous to solder a wire that is also delivering power. The kind Folks at the hostel are likely to allow me to run an extension cord
Drilling Into The Marvelous heavily-fortified rear axle slider brackets was completed and a grade 8 bolt inserted in each side into the grin Technologies ebike torque arm which keeps the axle from turning when it is delivering power or delivering regenerative braking.
 the new battery did not come in a secure heavy plastic housing, and that's okay, I knew that in advance. But the work to place it in a waterproof bag and a secure part of the vehicle was completed.
Although the wiring for the 4th battery was completed several days ago, it had not been fortified or color-coded and that was done today. The color coding is so that the potentially battery destroying error of mixing the backup 52 volt batteries with the primary 48 volt batteries, making it much less likely that that will be done in some high-stress emergency situation.
 we are so clever we Americans, heavy sarcasm, heavy sigh, we avoid paying a decent wage to our Park workers by farming it out to third party mercenary organizations that can hire workers on the cheap and pay for the 3rd or 4th or 5th house for the one or two executives. The winter crew at the national Forest Campground I sometimes use are public employees, decently paid. the transition to the subcontract mercenary organization takes place sometime in the next month and those Personnel who I know and one of them seems to like me and I like him, I saw him today and am trying to work toward a happy transition between the teams such that this Lone Pine Campground which is particularly helpful in high wind remains available to me. The time is approaching when some amount of fee will be paid by me and that's fine.
It remains a bit frustrating and sad that time continues to be invested in Sol, my partner, this vehicle, but no regrets. It's necessary. It's a miraculous vehicle. These are long-term Investments. The vehicle continues to be fundamentally stable, thank goodness, thanks those who have helped get us here.

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