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Oh what a night. February 22nd. Joint travel log, ransoming soul, solar RV cycling.

Wow, another really gratifying day, many obstacles overcome, much good progress so far. Stream of Consciousness with two and a half hours to go. Multiple topics. Note. This next morning from most of the writing below this joint log, ransoming soul, solar RV cycling, is being edited and slightly added to.

Saving Paradise. In Buddhism as I understand it there is a notion of primary science, and secondary science. The way it was described that I saw was, secondary science is the finger pointing to the Moon, primary science is the moon itself. It makes my head explode how brilliantly, relentlessly, wonderfully, horribly, Brock and Parker continue to give us magnificent glimpses time after time of the Moon, and do it in such a way to convince us that it is the finger pointing at the Moon. Martyrs are courageous so that they defeat the empire. Jesus feeds people so that he can confront the empire. And on and on and on and on and on. What the f***? Why is it so hard to see that serving from the soul in solidarity, caring, loving, incarnating goodness is Heaven? Is Paradise? Is the ultimate reward? The end in itself?!?! Because that's what it is!!!! Look at Jesus f****** words, if you hold onto your life you will lose it. If you lose your life for the sake of creation, you will gain it! What is so hard about seeing this?!?!

Saving Paradise, May be the most brilliant attempt to make Christianity more constructive, non-toxic, less deadly, that has ever been mounted. But it is not Jesus religion of do unto others all things whatsoever that you would have them do unto you, and his two Commandments, only two, to love God, and to love your brother as yourself. Their religion which they're really writing, Parker and Brock, may be superior to Jesus’. It I think maybe the most Superior attempt to make Christianity constructive that has ever been launched. But it is not Jesus religion. It is another religion which attempts to supplant his. No Malice  of forthought is required to do that. And it may be the best thing ever done. It's a wonderful book, but profoundly dangerous if Jesus was right unless read very carefully with this in mind. Which I am doing and have tried to caution you. Much gold here among the Fatal plutonium. This and spiritual evolution, George ballot, are receiving a fairly detailed annotation and commenting by me. Probably they will wind up up in the cloud, these detailed annotated versions,in a folder that could be access by anyone to see what in effect is my correction, almost a rewrite. LOL, yes, no one ever will access or read what I've done. But I'm not responsible for what others do. Both of these books are monumental contributions the way a step stool, or a ladder may make amazing things possible, but unless stood upon and reached Beyond they are at best useless and in the case of these two books a terrible danger. No credit to me, I'm doing my part is best I can, and I'm horrified by the fact it is necessary and so important the contribution I am offering.

Regarding cycling, so much is coming together. I'm recalling the most brilliant times of skiing, divinely effortless and effective, where head placement, stationery, in a way that the body could move around, is Central here as well. That, using this as a recumbent having the back tightly in the lower part of the seat, isolates the thighs and the notion is of the knees smoothly and powerfully passing each other and thereby providing the power. This vehicle a trike tends to lean to the right into the crown sloping Road. It's natural to try and right the Torso. No. Aligning the head Central in the vehicle regardless of the lien if the vehicle is crucial to giving the freedom and isolation and stable platform of the thighs that they need.

Although this is not yet effortless and requires some attention it's so promising that attention is being given but still much excellent study is happening as well....

Cycling, also, keeping the knees pressed toward into relationship with one another is crucial to the isolation of muscles and movement. Also wagging the knees in opposite directions is also an amazing way of liberated the thighs. Seems so counter intuitive but sustained power happened. Metrics at the first stop, first third of the journey, 534 watts, 192 human watt hours average watts/hour 115 average RPM 41.6.

Also there is something not yet clear but occasionally at least wonderful about wagging the knees too. Amplitude opposite each other. This comes into play particularly on steep Parts.

Not mentioned yesterday or encountered today, what the heck is the reason that the last 20% of every hard  journey tends to be the most fluid, most powerful, most excellent? I think it is that the body gets so tired of the silly extra nice attempt to deliver power that it just goes to the central stuff some of it described here. Something excellent tonight was a remembering of that at the beginning of tonight's journey which helps to identify and smooth out those clever but counter productive attempts by the body to be clever and cheat. And this seems to work well. These initial metrics for the first third of the trip are particularly good.

Parker and Brock quote much if not mostly from John. And by all scholarship John is the least adherent to Jesus, that is, according to the Jesus seminar only two versus of John versus many many more in the other three Gospels, only two versus in John were actually spoken by Jesus! Just 2!!! Now Parker and Brock are in good company with this. Free divinely inspired Leo tolstoy also draws heavily on John. In fairness to Leo none of the Jesus seminar scholarship was available. This is not to say that John is per se bad although he contains some of the most horrible dogma crap. But it is to say John is the least faithfull to the man Jesus of all, and he is the most heavily cited by Parker and Brock?!?! . They have every right to try and improve Christianity. But this is not an attempt to expand or explain the religion of Jesus. And a should have been category Kelly clear on that, but it appears they never even considered it themselves. Christianity is the Frankenstein monster that keeps on destroying. Whether or not they think so it is absolutely not that. It is a different religion entirely. Therefore it is Antichrist. That's a fact. It may be great. But it's a fact.

Solar Arby's cycling again. Also very helpful is periodic if not sustained insertion of vision for what the body should be doing over feel. And yet seal a times is away of century and finding out what vision should try and imposed, respectfully imposed.

Brock and Parker, so fascinating, and certainly they are not the only one but they bring so much value! In 1 phrase they speak of Jesus with sublime accurately, what he taught, his values, and then in the next phrase they state this is had to be instrumental, instrumental, instrumentality. Not for itself, not being in and of the kingdom for itself, as itself, but as a means of bringing about material consequence, as a means of dealing with material world. Why not in and of and for itself? Why not virtue is it’s own reward? Why not Jesus was articulate and clear, he wasn't bullshiting us, the kingdom of God is within you, reclaim the Olympic innocence of the child Envy in it?!?!!?!?

Solar RV cycling. Okay, so here we are with two or two and half miles to go and something just clicked into place that clicked in about 2 or 3 weeks ago at the same spot. And that is wagon the knees at what in essence is precisely the speed of movement of the vehicle which means that the thighs are not pumping up against inertia every thrust. Why this isn't natural earlier, why it never happens earlier why it really has happened I don't know but all of a sudden the body seems to know that that makes perfect sense. And it does seem to make perfect sense.

There is something to the idea of being in synchrony with the reality of the vehicle and the speed and the weight  and at the same time a environment that is separate for independence of reality wagging the knees. This ties in with the notion of executing the vision.

Speaking of wagging the knees, the importance of the knees may be that in this idea of perfectly synchronizing the total speed of the Nephiknee wagging, that the perfect reference point is the solid boney knees. That is, if their speed is constant then the jerking is eliminated. And it seems that trying to synchronize any other part of the thigh or feet, Parrish the thought, cannot be so precisely synchronized with the speed travel.

With 90 percent of the journey done, body fatigued but strong, now in some of the steepper grades, probably 8 maybe 9 % periodically, all of a sudden down at 110 or a hundred 20°, the arc of the knees mirroring or producing the speed of a vehicle, all of a sudden this has come clearly into play. Moments and maybe hours prior to that there was a bit of uncertainty in the knees of how to maintain that speed of the vehicle power smoothly and firmly.. but with this recollection of down at 115 degrees there is a place for the knees to press in full arc, waging, and full arc at the speed of travel. Very useful. Possible throughout the journey? Only at the end? Only on Steep terrain? Don't know yet.

Curiously only in the last half mile did the body begin alternative leg power, that is, drawing up as well as pushing down at 115 degrees.

Much better technique in dealing with wet body, clothes, and hypothermia last night. May have been aided by the fact that due to no wind travel clothing did not cause as much perspiration to build up. But also the lesson was learned it seems to not sleep in wet clothing and that was handled by climbing into the RV and doing the change in there. That little RV creates a no-wind situation which is immensely helpful. And it was late so it made sense to get right into the sleeping bag, but with dry clothes.

Especially dry socks! And yet for probably 3 hours the feet were freezing in nice wool socks purchased yesterday. Freezing! Nothing could fix it. That wonderful scene in contact when Jodie Foster un fastens the safety belts on the chair that the engineers forced onto the alien plans. When the Socks were taken off and just bare feet now, within several minutes the feet were fine! The wool socks it turns out were very good insulation, insulating the feet from participating in the warmth of the body and the warmth of the other foot!!! Amazing.

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