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WTF? Constant intake at the perinium??? WTF?

Game changing. will this be Sustainable? Will James remember it or be able to repeat tomorrow and the next day? Stay tuned james. But quite possibly. (no) 

This is an evolution of the last several days, the last
several months, all these years.

 Many months ago in the sierras there was a brief. Where fluid dynamics maybe it was after that fluid was useful concept the thighs going through a flood. Only by way of consistency is that mention because in no way is that what is going on today in fact that would be very different and very much a step backward compared to today. as nearly impossible it is that is to believe sucking a constant continuous gentle air flow to the perennial over the perineum fanning the premium in a very small area with a very small fan that hollow area to pretium in the thighs very small seems absurd doesn't it? certainly does to James as he says it and repeats it hour after hour. 

What's going on? Clearly if James can get this right somehow it optimize is everything else that the legs need to be Be doing. It brings on a fluidity. There should be a tremendous compromise in power correct? Just a gentle backward fanning into the perineum by lifting the thighs in a certain way so that that 2" portion of the thigh down at the perineum in James imagine has a fanning effect? should be very week. Absolutely not. 

So it must be that it sets up and optimal relaxed fluidity in this wanker, wankle, rotary engine or turbine with an intake manifold. 

Clearly it must be that anything that feels more powerful then maintaining this uninterrupted continuous gentle fanning backward into the perineum muscles in a way that defeats power badly uses energy and prevents power efficiency fluidity sustainability. This has to be the case. There's just no evident basis on which it could Could be instrumentation or anything else explaining this. It is not a game changer in terms of power there's no quantum increase but there's no decrease the best performance of the last several months is being seen today. But with substantially less perceived effort. 

Now yesterday was a good rest day and there were 2 excellent fueling dinners at the godsend Golden Corral all you can eat. So James was fairly fresh but that doesn't explain this. and it is an obvious in hindsight evolution of recent days and any and all positive junctures. 

In an amused sort of way the body find this impossible to believe but it doesn't fight going along it does not intuitively go along but with just a little attention by James constant reminders but gentle it goes along! It does not feel in any way physically contrived in a way that tires or fights the inclinations of the body. Quite an extraordinary advance. 

It must be that by achieving this sense of in the prem a constant air flow fanning action backwards downlow that this sets up everything else that the legs need to be doing. But let it be known that although it does not seem like magic whatever else the legs are doing seems totally effortless. James cannot itemize it because it just seems to happen and whatever is happening does not announce itself. It does not somehow seem like magic and it is so certain and so continuous with the Many months and years of occasionals excellence sustainable contribution by James but it is amazing and James Until you have conclusive evidence to the contrary do it. 

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