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One of the sweetest encounters that James has had in his entire years. Such a privilege. Such a joy.

A month ago a wonderful suggestion came to James by a special T parts supplier that he finally met in Oklahoma City. James, if you had a small electrical generator gas driven then it could open up some substantial avenues for you the friend said. James looked incredulous and rightly the friend said oh, yes I know you're a purist. Well James is not a purist. Not that it would matter but he isn't. And
within hours the idea had taken root within James. He was remembering a year ago considering doing the California coast through the magnificent forests. Oh, forests. that means no sun. Well with this generator it could be done! And James, how about those times on this current journey when you're totally in a jam and there's no place that you can plug in and there is no Sun and there's only trees.

so a little more than $200 was spent on a generator Of 850 watts, and a gas can that looked like it wouldn't leak when stored or pouring. 

 And they together were small enough that they fit in one of the two fairly large plastic totes the James has been carrying. Whatever was in those 2, 1/2 of it was discarded or donated , donated thankfully and Room made for these things. 

Well, the weight has been horrible at least in James mind. 40 pounds. Not 40 pounds additional but probably 15 pounds additional? And lugging that tote out every night and putting it back every day to resume the journey. 

Well, within the last several days James began to think that the best thing to do was to unload it. 

Ted among other things drives a truck and introduced himself last night at the truck stop. We had such a nice brief interchange . very much he thinks of this mission and the vehicle. and too late it turns out James had the thought, well maybe Ted would know who could use this generator. But it turns out via email that Ted had already departed the area. 

 .... .... 5 of the most difficult days of this journey were the last 5 days. The weather was difficult, cold, multiple bouts of hypothermia. James body completely forgot how to move this 400 pounds of he and saul that James insists on moving every day. They were long days between 6 and 8000 calories per day Burned. It was very very difficult. And all under the stress Regarding whether in fact the Mississippi and Ohio rivers side-by-side could be crossed legally. Internet searches turned up no useful information. WTF? Does no one ever cycle across the Mississippi and Ohio? 

 So at 4 this morning James went and had breakfast which is start of the two hour process of his 2/3 remaining bowel from the cancer fight going through its cycle of 2 or 3 or 4 eliminations so that he and saul could depart with Sun up which was 6:30 in the hopes that maybe questionable legality bridges could be met before any significant traffic to avoid inconveniencing anyone and hopefully at a shift change when any curious police might not be available. 

 Well it all went like clockwork. Extremely concerned James had been over saul somehow failing mechanically during this critical crossing on this one lane only each weigh bridge. No disrespect to saul. Unintended unavoidable neglect and abuse by James keeping this horrible schedule trying to stay ahead of a really badd turn in the weather. So there are half a dozen or more projects that saul really needs James to attend to that he has only partially done keeping his fingers crossed. 

Well, everything just went like clockwork. 

 The beauty and poverty and simplicity and innocence of this Eastern side of the Missouri in Kentucky is a thing largely of James imagination today. Hes had very little Contacts but maybe he is fairly sensitive . He thinks that he is.  a beautiful simplicity. To James. And heartbreaking to see so many shattered dreams. The shuddered Homes, workshops, projects, businesses. Not all, but so many too many. 

 So James is coming into one of these tiny touching towns and on his right hand side thrift shop. It is a shell of a building. But that doesn't mean that not kept with some level of pride and respect. James turned sol and in they go. 

A mid twenties thin attractive woman fairly tall And her similarly thin maybe twelve-year-old daughter. A simplicity, common humility, Purity of spirit to them. Yes, maybe all projection by James. But maybe not. 

Friends, James said, you're gonna think this is crazy and maybe it is. And I explained to them how I'm spending 6-8000 calories A-day , there's a good chance that this experiment won't be used more than once or twice a year, it was just purchased I can show you the receipts, I would like to make a donation of this generator. Well that would be just wonderful said the woman. Or something to that effect. 

Well, that's great. It will take me a few  moments to dig it out. James went across the street, well he moved saul across the street to a larger safer parking lot. And moments later the young girl Was so humbly and innocently by his side. Can I help? I can crawl inside and get out what you need? What church do you go to she asked?

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