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A better day saul and I never have had. Scrambling To maintain tight relationship with the scrambling knees scrambling to maintain a relationship with the scrambling petals.

Is not an attempt at a word salad here. These words are pretty descriptive of the best day sol n I have ever had. All it would seem due to the concept of scrambling. 

 Over the years James has come close to this kind of productive day with saul And that it was the absence of the concept that scrambling is the ideal
relationship. I want to have a normal boyfriend! Dear, they don't exist.

 In a bicycle, a cycle, with 2 binary legs, scrambling is the ideal form of relationship. It is the optimum. If anything better is Possible it doesn't matter. 

 Without this concept James was going for an ideal that wasn't there, some sort of perfect mechanical linkage. Not to denigrate any of the prior efforts between saul and James. Without them we near certainly would not have arrived here. But what an apparent breakthrough. I like so many am a failure prior? that's not a correct way to understand things . When one is climbing a range of mountains Is it correct to say that because upon summiting one mountain another is seen that the climb has been a failure? It could be. But that is not the case here.  

The most important thing is that it may well be an incredible milestone concept that scrambling is either the best that can be achieved or absolutely good enough. 

Why could it be good enough? Why could it even be the optimum? 

 Because of In grade changes resistance. Bounces in the road change the forces acting on the legs. A speed of rotation that is appropriate in the neighborhood of 95 and above is probably too fast for any body to calculate. 

Is the pitcher able to micro manage in some sort of binery fashion the speed and rotation of the arm and wrist and elbow at a precise instant in time? How about the gourmet chef using a whisk to Stir something? How about a golfer same sort of question or a tennis player question of course not. well this notion of scrambling captures that period 

How much does James have to learn about this ? He may learn that it is a dead end! Seems unlikely. Stay tuned James. 

Yet as for today it's certainly for 2 or 3 hours or more now has been experienced as a breakthrough. And the elements of that breakthrough today include. 

Item. Scrambling for a meaningful relationship between the knees and the forces ahead of them that they feel. What are those forces? Well certainly they have to do with the resistance offered by the scrambling of the pedals . And it seems today that understanding that further is not necessary and seems maybe even counter productive. It seems enough to know that it is their. Not unlike feeling the moguls under one skis particularly if they're particularly rugged. To analyze them further is to miss the forest for the trees. So there is a scrambling at the feet ankles and shins . James role is to manage and participate respectfully and humbly in the scramble of the knees to maintain constant relationship with the fluid push back. Not an extreme force. And not an extremely weak force which would break the relationship as well. 

And part of maintaining the relationship which is a tactile feedback at the knees which is a wonderful advantage removing the 100% imagination realm the James has been in for it seems like eternity which is so difficult to manage That tactile feedback includes a very handy notification to James and saul, Hey friends, how about ramping up sal, or, how about ramping down sal so we can maintain contact here? 

Yes this may be partial illusion in that it is a new fascination for James. It has captured his attention and that's fleeting. 

It could well be also That this is relying on slightly different muscles or very different muscles which are relatively fresh and that could be providing an illusion of functional breakthrough that is nothing more than fresh mussels. This seems quite unlikely but time will tell. It could be any other number of things. But James suspicion not that anyone should care is that this scrambling notion is a fundamental fundamental fundamental brake thru.

Oh, and this is totally inconclusive, but it may be, that the physical efficiency of this way of cycling cycling is dramatically improved over prior efforts.

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