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Solar rv cycling log August 25. New bedrock principle. Higher RPM. In order to accelerate learning curve. Stay part of the vehicle at the knees, engaged.

Solar rv cycling log August 25. New bedrock principle. Higher RPM. In order to accelerate learning curve. Stay part of the vehicle at the knees, engaged. 

 Learning curve. Much was
probably gained by the many months of insanely low rpm all Winter climbing extreme grades. 

Having said that, The difficulty on the man machine interface is extraordinary probably. A learning curve on each arduous insanely slow rpm cycle Was virtually non existent. That it was a cycle, a bicycle, was almost totally obscured, more like a rowboat sort of action, but it is not a rowboat. 

 Not altogether new but hopefully a new level of clarity and confidence, bedrock principles. 

Principal. Maintain a relatively high rpm. 70 or so seems adequate. 85 also seems comfortable toward the higher end. Many benefits to this including and maybe most importantly that it maintains or helps to maintain the reality that this is a cycle. At an average 70 rpm or higher it is much more difficult for the body to ignore or deny or enter delusion that this is something other than a bicycle and that delusion Sets up disaster as the body can't figure out what the hell it's supposed to do. 

 Principal. Maintain relationship at the knees with the vehicle 365. 360゚. Not to be confused with maintaining power which is a separate important thing .... .... But the effective application of power that is sustainable, not insanely frustrating, and less destructive to the body tissue, is enabled by being one with the machine 360°. Whatever psychology is at play here the mechanics, body mechanics, man machine interface, Any slack in a mechanical system Invites and accelerates component failure for certain, and prevents highly synchronous interaction. Beginning several days ago this concept began to take a very important new meaning for James And it presented itself with the concept of attempting to maintain an extreemly gentle acceleration attempt beyond where the speed of the vehicle was at that instant. Not to accelerate the vehicle, but to maintain contact at the knees, and mistakenly James thought, at the feet. It seems that this man machine interface is best achieved at the knees and not the feet. The concept James, be one with the vehicle, not a separate entity operating on the vehicle, has really helped to capture the imagination and inform the body this last several days. Please creator, let this be persistent. 

 There are other ways that for whatever huge benefit they may have been obstacles to long term learning are extreme complexities and obstacles on a daily basis. The good news is this is an electric vehicle that does not need James. James needs to remember that every change in the electrical parameters changes the vehicle substantially. It changes the responsiveness and it seems that even subtle changes although sometimes highly desirable and necessary exact a tremendous cost on the sense of intimate contact and mutuality between the vehicle and James body. 1 and 4 ratio between James output and the output of the electrical system. Thereby the vehicle is energy wise very much like a bicycle or approaching that period not a cargo bicycle or a cross country cyclist bicycle carrying itself plus 70 pounds of stuff, but a normal cyclist carrying his own weight maybe a bit more. The important thing here is that it is the same bicycle for hours at a time and the learning curve advantage to the legs seems to be very substantial And this is probably a really important lesson for the long term. Although as mentioned earlier today James is thinking he needs to let go the idea of ever being the insanely powerful cyclist he was 2 years ago, it would be nice and pretty necessary to his sanity that at least he become one where his body is not being tortured all day long trying to figure out and accomplish what the phuket asked to do. The principles discussed here are very promising in that vein.

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