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Protect reignite soul log Aug. 21st period numerous extraordinary encounters.

 Where to start? 

 .... Is it all the truckers that show such seeming respect? And maybe that's not it but James does not
know how else to understand it. Wide wide wide swings around the vehicle truck after truck after truck in dangerous situations. For every horn blare of admonishment There are 5 for approval, respect, incurridgement, solidarity. All of this may be James imagination and misinterpretation. But there it is. 

And without this James feels tremendous affinity and respect with the truckers for reasons he does not understand. He thinks that their work is honest and hard. And largely thankless. 

 .... Shelley. A mile and have from the crest of a difficult today climb with little sunshine. You were seen by me climbing the Hill. This is a care package for you. God-bless you.

All this in front of her yard, a simple house in the midst of great beauty on the roadside. A big trump sign. 2 or 3 very very large crosses in her garden  .... 

A very difficult climb had been completed and the 50 mile long ascent into Topanish had begun. James body said pull over and take a nap, which he did. He had just awoken not after the 15 minute alarm, but after 45 minutes. Add a slightly beaten up sedan he heard 1st on the gravel and then a young man got out And in a halting slightly awkward way said, could we talk? Mixed feelings had James, he was still waking up and quite exhausted. Yes of course, said James. .... 

For many days now James split since time while traveling between trying to come to a sustainable relationship with the vehicle and listening to and re listening to and re listening to and re listening to the Tolstoy summer zation of his exhaustive gospel harmonization and translation. It is So magnificent, the most important tbings James knowa to do and he has done and continues to do his best to get others to do the same. It is the teaching and example of Jesus that he died to give the world, Jesus did, and Tolstoy offered the same and did the same in as much as he devoted the last 40 plus years of his life to the task. it is the most important book that James has ever encountered. w

Well, The young man is involved in a church or several. And he seemed not at all put off by James early declaration that the church the opposite of what Jesus taught and exists exactly to bury what Jesus taught. And much of our dialog were on themes that James have explored and will continue to explore on this blog. And much of was honed by the couragement that James finds in studying this Tolstoy document which has the courage To consider that Jesus really may have had something important to share which James soul has always known, and always lived, but against all cultures. So to have a kindred spirit Continually offering incouragement, in light meant, insight, affirmation, it turns out very important to James, very empowering of his work and James could see this coming to the fore in his dialog with this young man. 

 quite possibly James never has offered anything more important or valuable than he did in this dialog with this young man, although there was nothing new but it was stronger, sharper more to the point, more fluent.

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