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General update. Partnership, fatigue, gladness, depression, theft, pressing on.

Crushing financial investments these last 4 weeks. New motor, finally
protection for the motor wires that are so crucially vulnerable, new rear rim which was crack expressed in from Canada, new trailer wheels to replace the broken ones, overnight it to  remote base of Mount Hood .... But manageable, And necessary and appropriate and uplifting as this now 44 state attempted Crusade Unfolds. 

 James works alone Not by preference but By many circumstances in the world. But he was not alone at the dalles iron works where his friend Steve and the crew generally although paid for much of their work Went way way way beyond the Call of Duty out of love. James was not alone at the bearded monkey bike shop in Yakima Washington where Luke, Lance, Kyle, Nathan, and especially Luke a master bicycle Craftsman Put such extraordinary skill and love into the vehicle as though he was going to do it no matter what. somehow the mission seems to have touched him and the rest and they made themselves part of it. My heart and soul are really overwhelmed and barely know how to grasp and deal with their goodness. But they are now part of the mission like it or not. They are riding with us every day.

And the Mysterious overwhelming Joy of witnessing Lance and his Enterprise and team. He is a creative force of nature. 

 Among the structural work that was done Was engineering and metalwork on the seat so that it could be more radically reclined without destroying James knees on the Massive aluminum cross strut that they whiz by within a millimeter or 2 every cycle. And that has now been implemented as of yesterday the substantial recumbent recline. Refinements may be called for but it is now a sane vehicle and it was insane before crippling the range of motion, mutilating the natural body mechanics, that the body wanted to exert. Yes Cathy, LOL, I do recall you mentioning this 8 months ago or so.

 James is laughing at himself at the same time has been driven almost mad by the frustration of no longer being the rather extraordinary cyclist he had become across the northern United States several years ago. This morning he realized that he just needs to let go of that. can he let go of it? Don't know. But there are no signs that the 50%-100% greater daily power output that felt so poetic is a thing of the long past. This is hard to let go of period 

 Only the 2nd day after the major drydock at bearded monkey the vehicle is performing profoundly better than ever and certainly better than in years. There was a Tremendously wabbly hub on the right front, James' fault for not getting it repaired earlier, and there was a substantial hop in the rear of the vehicle And only day before yesterday did James learn from Luke that it may well be that it was the hairline crack in the rear rim that was responsible. But the hop which was so fatiguing is gone now. And there are indications that the rolling resistance is dramatically, dramatically, reduced with the rectification of those 2 issues. Possibly not. Possibly it was a tail breeze or just James seeing what he wanted to see but he wasn't looking for it. He wasn't expecting it. 

Theft occurred Night before last Where James was with the vehicle in the middle of the night In the small city of yakama. At least 250 or 300 dollars was taken in various necessary items. Along with James sense of security and safety. .... A cheap lesson that hopefully James is learning. He is no longer in Lone Pine. A cheap wake up call. And equally wonderful the reminder of the Near total sickness in our country , massive empathy deficit disorder James called it years ago, mass destruction mutilation .... .... Assault .... Starvation of Soul destructive disorder of our culture, the central feature that has enabled us to have the unbridled religion of personal and biological family, tribal, greed. 

The mission itself and the expression of the mission in this vehicle and in the signage is somewhat protective of us, of drivers who otherwise would be more frequently outraged by the slight inconveniences of our slow travel, and almost all that see it. But how profoundly or nakedly dead the soul of whoever stripped those necessary items away from the vehicle 2 nights ago. No human connection operable. James was and the mission just an object to be stripped. Such a useful lesson for James spirit to 

 deeply tired. Maybe in just expressing this James body will come back. But he experiences being sort of bone tired and it's not a surprise. Moving the vehicle long distances he has. And doing it in a profoundly crippled anti ergonomics position resulting in huge frustration and energy waste, he has. Never A-day off till the recent parts failures forcing down time period 

 People go on speaking tours to sell books for example sometimes they are modestly compensated, sometimes obscene levels of compensation the clintons and obamas for example. It turns out the James has been sent on a speaking tour of a different nature But in this case self funded. And with occasionals life giving support from partners. But the point is it is a thing, it is a speaking tour of sorts. If James were offered in International speaking platform and all I needed to do was leave his current mode of operation near certainly the answer would be, no. Souls are not deeply touched in conventional speaking tours of any sort all though a drug like euphoria may occur. Drug like euphoria does not result in sustained change toward goodness, toward the soul in charge. No, James is not claiming he is substantially impacting anyone soul, but that type of thing the nature of that thing is occurring periodically before his eyes there in the 1 on 1 conversations that may be approaching a daily occurrence now. Because of the effort, vehicle, the signage. It is a sacred thing to James. Totally worth his life. Incredibly depressing because it is so small, but the type of thing is happening. And with his goal of Maybe helping one in a million sometime in the remaining time for human species It is that type of thing that is happening.

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