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General update August 9th. Get into the car, the rancher lady roughly indicated.....

Another catastrophic vehicle event. Blame James for not having a maintenance schedule. He was a pilot. He had many cars and drove
hundreds of thousands of miles. No maintenance plan?

The functioning mid Vehicles motor as a small gear on the right hand side. The bolts have been secretly stripping themselves, the holes, and announced the job was done 17 miles north of Lakeview by ripping out all the wires! Oh, and they chose a particularly dangerous, 65 mile-an-hour, one lane each way, no shoulder, part of the highway to it on. Very amusing. This seven in the evening three nights ago. There was nothing to do but sleep on the very narrow gravel Strip by the highway.  please dangerous, 65 mile an hour, one lane each way, no shoulder, part of the highway. It sounded like the semis were driving right through it. the last 2 days have been spent repairing and working on the vehicle waiting for a replacement for the earlier irreparable motor to arrives which it did just now. 

Lakeview a dying town has my heart. Not sure what the economy was but it certainly hurting. Quite large. Certainly ranching is part of it and maybe a big part. Logging would be a big part. Our Mass consumption is killing their lake so tourism is dying.

The catastrophic failure 17 miles north of town way out in Ranch Country. Within two minutes of standing with my thumb out to get a ride into town hopefully to get a part repaired Sam stopped. My age, ex-navy nuclear guy, welding and such, now building his own Log Cabin on a Mountaintop. Such a nice soul. I like to help people, he said obviously meaning it from experience. But this was relatively easy, a guy holding Parts across from his broken down vehicle in the middle of nowhere.

It was not going to be so easy getting a ride back. James put out the word in the hardware store, a nice little Diner, And the automotive repair. They didn't find my inquiry inappropriate if they knew someone That might be able to trans sport to the broken down vehicle but they didn't think of anyone and they were honest. An hour with his thumb out at the exit from town indicated that there was not going to be any help.. So James turned, started walking the 17 miles toward the vehicle with his other thumb out. It was a very hot afternoon and all he had was a large glass of water. It did not appear likely that he would avoid being face down in the dirt before reaching the vehicle But try he would. And the next hour indicated yes, nobody's gonna stop. Countless 4 by 4 pick up trucks roared past. No indication of any malice, No indication of any thought of helping someone. So James pressed on and pressed on. A large medium Brown fairly new current model huge 4 by 4 truck Stop about 2/10 of a mile ahead. James walked quickly, running just seems to be something his body doesn't want, I walked quickly to the car And the person inside, turned out to be Nan, very swarthy, clearly a rancher woman, gestured roughly get in. What a nice soul.  James was nothing more or less then an abandoned calf, a lost calf, But her heart her soul had to look after that calf. Upon letting James off the vehicle, she was on A-day trip an errand 2 another 20 miles for her to go, she was concerned with this dangerous location. She urged us all haste to get Off of this spot, Indicated she would be coming back and would stop and check which she did and at that point she indicated that we should exchange phone numbers so that she could get a status in the morning. What a nice soul. Well, because of her help and kindness we were off the road Before dark That evening and James called and thanked Nan for making that possible. 

 My sister Cathy throughout this disaster, she is in Pennsylvania, was a real partner helping to arrange for the replacement motor for the 1st burned out motor to be re routed to Lakeview for a variety of important reasons. It was not easy  thankfully sometimes James had cell phone in this remote area and she persevered. James was in a bits of shell shocked through some of this, a horrible location, the travel difficulties, the major damage and possibility that it was irreparable, it was a real help For her immediately rolling up her sleeves and being in our corner. 

this  motor that got its wiring ripped out  is what we are running on now. It has taken James a long time to train himself And the repair took all probably 10 hours , getting the motor open is a multi hour project without the right tool where is possible irreparable damage, but James is learning and hes pretty stubborn and it is fully operational now so far thoughts and prayers.  Mike helped him earlier on a motor repair months ago in Lone Pine and that certainly increased his learning curve and confidence.

On James current mission seems unlikely that his time will be wasted or spent to no effect. And this would be predicted by what the man Jesus lived and did, be good personified he said. For the Joy of it,. Take the consequences and there will be consequences. This including the consequence of vagrancy witch will be a certain consequence because all of your resources, your soul in charge will want to give to those souls in need except for what is needed for the work. And this certainly is what James has experienced. 

So logistically James being on the side of the road with his thumb out as he walked toeard facedown in the dust of de hydration Was  work for everyone that task. It was a chance for them to examine what type of Individual they wanted to be . 

There was considerable time in parking lots in Lakeview, grocery store, hardware store, remote community parking lot, Where James was Working on upgrades maintenance, major repair on and off for several days. There were many conversations. On the 1st day before the 2nd  motor implosion James was in the grocery store parking lot Installing 2 new solar panel replacements, the Rate of solar panel destruction has slowed, rumble strips are still deadly. A gentleman in a not old car, .... Came alongside And holding out some dollar bills said, please may I contribute $3 to your work ? James said, I accept donations. Quite kindred souls it turned out. He is ass sisted by oxygen coming in through his nose, a oxygen bottle on the seat beside him . He mentioned that he was drawn by the Christian symbols. Not Christian I said, Jesus., but he was not upset. I said as I said to quite a few people I am not happy with the church. They do the opposit of what Jesus taught. Not what he expected to hear. He was not at all put off. Our conversation went on for another 10 or 15 minutes and it is rare find so much in common when talking to people and I suspect he felt the same. Sure appeared So that encounter encourage the soul in its walk. 

 Shortly afterwards A young man came by, 27 A young fellow finding its place in life. We spoke at some length over the next day or so  more conversations Quite an alive soul. with great gusto soaking in what I have to share about the sole, about the vehicle and somewhat technically oriented so  it was worth helping him understand what I could share about Solar Systems And this mission for the soul. later on he brought his girlfriend that at another time another friend. Certainly the encounter did not hurt his soul and certainly gave it some stimulation. Only creator knows. 
The local  bike shop, bless his heart, is good with helping local kids I think, almost literally had a heart attack when he saw the vehicle. He was embarrassed and upset and angry to have to tell me, I never work on E bikes. Unless I sold  and they are my brand. I have gotten burned so many times and I'm just barely keeping the store alive. My needwas not crucial and had it been that would not have changed my response. Of course I was in sympathy with this concern and did my best to tell himself. .... 

One person in the local Ace Hardware store clearly saw someone in need and therefore an opportunity to try and put them down and make herself feel important. So sick, so sad. But  3 or 4 of the other employee clearly had their soul slightly stimulated by the whole thing. overall SImilar at the Post Office that wound up receiving quite a few packages that had been forwarded on to me from various post offices in this journey for it to work. And they were quite pleasant a bit surprised with but pleasant until the one this morning, who all but said,  you're getting too many packages here, maybe you should go away. It was so inappropriate. Oh well.

We are now 20 miles North of Lake view And about to Began heading Northwest to bend , actually, the town just North of beng where a friendly bike shop will help put the new motor in the rear wheel. We are traveling at an aggressive but hopefully sustainable 9 miles an hour about 40 miles A-day is the plan. And that may place us North of bend at the place of repair As early as Tuesday. 

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