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Solar RV cycling log July 23. More theories?!? What?!?

This is freaking crazy! No, all of the prior theory should not be thrown out! Maybe they each have a place. What the hell is going on this morning? An
important synthesis. 

Item. The downward, forward, stroke of the thigh Should result in sliding the shin at the knee effortlessly Down and forward So that it completes the extension of the pedal crank . 

Item. 0 energy in the Feet and shins is correct. Otherwise it interferes with this fluid, no friction, Sliding down and forward To an orientation of 70゚ or 80゚ forward at the end of the shin. It is nothing more than a 0 energy shaft done properly. 

Item. The ultimate thrust of the forward part of the thighs must be such that it is Of a speed and momentum and power that it indeed points down. Probably 40 or 45゚. Varying with the torque and cadence requirements. This so that the shin is not driven downward at 40゚, but so that the shin that attaches to the knee is rotated downward toward the 75 or 80゚ at which point it is finished and has pressed the pedal all the way forward. 

Item. The mechanics expressed above Would make sense under all circumstances. The actual Characteristics of things to achieve this would change quite a bit Because in part the momentum characteristics of Different combinations of rpm and torque, resistance. .... 

Item.  a major factor in this as a function of rpm is the momentum with which the rotating thighs naturally want to go over the top and down toward 40゚. As the resistance increases and rpm reduces, such as in climbing, The shape of the stroke needs to be adjusted so that .... 

 Item. It seems that among the key things to be resisted is the notion of the knee finding the end of the shin at the end and trying to drive it directly toward the pedal. No! Everything must remain fluid enough that the knee Fluidly passes that point driven by momentum and a relaxed lower leg So that the shin is not driven at 45゚ foot slides forward more toward 70 or 80, completion. 

 James will not be surprised if he is now entering an advanced understanding of things. And with a smile he realizes that he may be disclaiming all this tomorrow. Or this afternoon. .... .... .... .... .... .... .... 

Mystery solved? 

a major, the major, point of frustration or centerpiece of frustration has been the leg driving to find completion. It has intuitively thought, felt, that this had to do with the final resting place of the foot Being at full extension on the crank, feeling that. And where as it could be told no for a time with any number of tricks and tips, It always would reassert itself in trying to find that resting place at the end of period point of completion. 

it may well be that the point of completion that can overcome that, and indeed a point of completion is right to seek, it may well be, it is looking like, that point of completion is the underside of the thigh firmly, surely, comfortably, finding itself at the end position where the thigh has now achieved its 75゚ or 80゚ home position fully extending the crank. But not over extending. 

Many advances in recent months are being explained by this period they were Nations. The feet being totally relaxed and actually compressed slightly backward against the petals, particularly in high torque climbing situations Allows that full extension, home position to be more achievable. The notion of a ball nama a sneer being turned by the knees, a small sphere Kama Can set up the situation where the downward Rotation, momentum, of the knees is down at 45゚ Creating both the 70゚ full extension of the And the home position for the knee in a sweeping frust of momentum. Although quite a small frust in high torque high resistance climbing or high speed high power situations, relatively look low RPM by the way of course in climbing situations. ....

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