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Sol RV cycling log, April 5. Aircycling!

Wow. Building on the elements now tracked daily in the metric, the chart, proven stable these last 4 weeks, something new these first 30 minutes of tonight's four hour journey.

Aiming the torso at the 40° target.

High power cycling on a conventional cycle does this pretty automatically. But not a recumbent. There are so many alternative strategies that tempts the body. Or, seriously, I am an absolute idiot, and it has taken me years to get to this point.

Maybe both.

Also, not mentioned before, this being an electric vehicle, there is tremendous opportunity for the vehicle to get in the way of the physical mechanics of moving it with the body. James, remember to mention the dramatic, huge, monumental improvement in the vehicle cycle true performance these last couple of days.

Aiming the torso at the 40° knee target stroke. But at all times not just at the end of the target. This is an almost, maybe completely, imperceptible adjustment. And it is again what the body naturally does in high powerstroke climbing hill on a conventional bicycle. A lining everything with gravity and the direction of the downward stroke. And again, no such dictation by a recumbent cycle.

But so completely fluid, normal, comparative Lee effort list, when found. Who knew?

And remember how often the last 20% of the journey is the best performance? This alignment often happens naturally at that point, I'm quite sure. But I was not conscious of it. Only now. Power out from the torso.

Another 40% of the journey is behind us.

It keeps getting better.

Targeting the torso and maintaining it as a face for the lies legs to work against is proving monumental.

Maybe targeting 45 percent is incorrect. There's evidence now that targeting 60 % not as a hard target at the end but as a softer target tire, maybe more helpful.

Totally contrary to something that seemed helpful 6 weeks ago, keeping the eyes very low, barely in front of the vehicle, now seems the exact opposite of what's needed. Now it seems that looking far down the road helps keep the torso aligned more horizontal to the road, recumbent, and allows the rest of the knees to hit that 50 or 60 degrees target in the air.

And having done so for the last hour now you know the notion of what the buttocks and glutes do in a conventional bicycle, they do the work, and for the first time that is becoming more pronounced.

James, be prepared to go very very very very slow. Even to remind your body, to prove to your body, that it can happen. Very empowering. Very necessary. Very powerful.

Hinted at all through this voyage, and now much more pronounce is they notion of positioning the torso  at all times so that the thighs and buttocks can do all the work almost an air cycling sort of thing. Really, an air cycling sort of thing tonight. The torso totally wants to help finding and rocking and this and that. It is very hard to keep it just suck back keep to make room for the thighs to pedal aircycling. But it feels very good. Powerful, sustainable,  and less stress on the knees. It seems it is very hard to have confidence that the buttocks and thighs and glutes can do all the work but they seem to be more than up to it.

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