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Ignite soul log April 3th. The Phoenix rises.

The Phoenix rises? LOL. A bit melodramatic. But the last couple of days have been frustrating in as much as they have required much attention to material issues and away from deep study of the issues of the soul.

And then this morning such a treat, such a gift. The gospel of the church, their translation, gives us Armageddon. The gospel translation of toast joy, gives us, Tolstoy, Gandhi, Martin Luther King jr. The letter R  my preference. The former, to the harror and total revolving of my soul.

There is quite good scholarly evidence in the translation from Tulsa toy with his extensive extensive extensive notes, but never will I live long enough to know for sure whether he was right. What I know for sure is the outcome of his efforts is what my soul is for. So, getting more familiar, more grasp of, what toll story learned and saw, has moved very high in my agenda.

What is needed by my study is a clean PDF that I can have read to me of his initial translation work, four Gospels harmonized chapters 1 through 12.. There is near as I can tell although the book is public domain the interest in what toast toy created is so miniscule that a clean PDF does not exist.

The gift of this morning? It now exists, this clean PDF, to the 85 percent level. James had no idea it might be that easy. Credit to the skills he has developed technically in the last 15 years and certain software that he has accumulated. Creating that clean PDF is not complete, but in several more days it could easily be, and with just a little bit of luck available at several highly accessible sites, archive. Org, Scribd, and also another site that will be explored is free publishing on Amazon. What an extraordinary privilege to be a partner to the extraordinary soul., in this way. And how convicted of our culture that in 2019 it hasn't been done before. We are interested in everything except that which could save our children.

Your lips day Lord Lord, but your hearts are far from me, said Jesus 2000 years ago. It has gotten worse everyday since. He went on, you cannot worship God and Mammon, you will love the one and hate the other.

And there were other minor blessings but well worth mentioning. Two conversations, one with a roommate this morning, probably 30 or 40 minutes in length, and the other just now, irritating me at first when a nice shiny black car asked me to stop for a picture. Me bathed in sweat going uphill, them comfortably coming down. But I'm so glad they did. It was less about technology, More about the issues that are the focus of my life.

In either interchange was a soul saved? From going out? Was a soul ignited? Probably not, but it's possible. There was listening happening and at least some tiny element of soul available. And a lifetime of preparation and recent months here in Lone Pine  preparations all of which came to bear in ways that were promising.

And there was other stuff, but the highlights are above.

Yesterday or the day before the idea occurred and was mentioned that I, we, read and here and think about Jesus with the wrong tone. He had found joy. Joyfully horrified he was that we were not finding it. This notion must be more deeply explored by me.

Hours were spent by James today listening to the 200 versus that we have from Jesus. Only 200. And listening to them with the idea of the paragraph above in mind. This exercise will be repeated often  I suspect. And probably soon James will attempt to read out loud these versus imagining a way of expressing and emoting that embody what Jesus was embodying. James has done this sort of thing before even in his professional life. In valuable way exploring.

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