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Ignite soul log, April 1st. Such a nice April 1st


Madness this fascination that James has with Jesus, no? Ask did Albert Switzer. As did Leo tolls toy, 40 years of his life. Thomas Jefferson had a pretty healthy dose of it although he was a pretty twisted soul. Probably more twisted without the affinity for Jesus.

A major investment of time was taken to try and improve the long-term situation, efficiency, productivity, how all the smartphone used, almost all day long everyday. And 3 days ago the decision was made to go with a galaxy s 9 + refurbished on Amazon to replace the loyal and trustee tiny s 6. A good and faithful service these last two or three years.

The decisions factor was visibility. These old eyes are doing amazingly well but they have limits. And even in the winter months so much time even with glasses was being wasted, energy and time, attempting to read and work in sunlight. A friend helped me remember that font size could be changed and in the last 10 days experiments were hopeful but insufficient. So about $550 was invested in this refurbished unit with strong case and screen protector. And care was taken to determine that if it did not meet the requirement of much better read ability that it could be returned for full credit.

Well the read ability in sunlight is no longer an issue it seems. It's amazing. Just amazing. Combination of screen brightness, much larger screen size, much higher resolution, and possibly something about the glass that it's much less reflective. It's just astonishing and so extremely helpful. Helpful to the work. Igniting soul. Trying to increase in confidence to do so.
So that was the decision criterion and the success is far beyond expectation.

But that's just the beginning!

With no extra monthly fee, the low unlimited Straight Talk rate, best national coverage Verizon, with no additional fee there is now a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere there is internet signal to support the laptop!

And it appears to have noticeable Lee, considerably, better internet reception! Almost too good to be true so further experience is necessary, but initial results are very encouraging!

Every application seems to have received at least the small upgrade in performance, efficiency, use ability. The features of this 3 years newer operating system.

And although primary picture taking is with the $250 DSLR camera of two or three years ago now, a fabulous investment. The camera on this s 9 + is dramatically superior in quality and lens and magnification to the s6, bless it heart. And, the s6 is now carried as a backup and auxiliary machine for the emergencies that occasionally crop up.

Set up took the better part of the day due to connectivity problems that require the first full application load to be wiped out. But in the scheme of things the software port ability, the data port ability applications are quite amazing. And it was a decent refresher for old skills. And some new ones.

Several importanct insights today, hours being spent on the 200 verses that scholars know that Jesus actually spoke.

The picture above featured on one of the Facebook sites of mine, and shared on the facebook page in here, actually is a revelation for me. A way of thinking that is very important to me now and in the future that is only seen today? But without months of study of Parker and Brock, Karen Armstrong, and Jesus sayings, it wouldn't have happened today! 67 years of drowning in the church propaganda machine takes a lot of work to climb out.

More valued insite today.

Now and forever the greatest hope that I can be to the smoldering soul is to be able to clearly share the personal experience that I have with joy and the things that have gotten me there.

Related. This may by far be the most useful way for me to understand and leverage the life and teachings of the man Jesus. He was so excited about discovering and sharing joy, paradise, the kingdom of God that is within each one of us to be found. His whole life and death was an attempt to help us find that. Insane? A mad man? Maybe. Me too.. Also. Maybe Schweitzer. Must think through whether it's madness,thosl I'm sure it is not, must think that through. How could joy by living soul, attempting to ignite soul, RI ignite soul, how can that be the ultimate gratification?

Doctors without borders races to where the greatest physical health crisis is. James must learn to do the same but where it is crisis of the soul, the soul somehow sensing it is in desperate need of a physician.  Where is this? How can it be found? No idea. Must learn.

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