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Without Guardian Angels, Miracles, James is in prison for five years. Life and death need for some, now.

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Instead of being in my first year of five in prison, last night my lawyer guardian angel responded with this photo to my inquiry as to whether my record was now expunged as per the miracle she worked, negligible cost  plea bargain, it was supposed to be expunged in October. The online record was one of the reasons Canada would not let me into the country back in August.

Not the blue eyed white male supremacist that billions look too, but a small colored guy by the name of Jesus 2000 years ago, said basically, if you do what I say, give your life for the joy of it to the neediest, it will cost you, but you will get a hundred fold in this lifetime. Encountering guardian angels and occasional Miracles is what he was talking about, I am certain. And it continues to happen in my life.

Almost two decades of radical activism offering my life in hunger strikes and jail in Washington DC taught me that I was completely alone. The Liberals detested me far more than they lunatics on the right, largely because I stood with my body, didn't just stand flapping my or taking token cheap safe actions. So when I was told two weeks before they swept the Standing Rock camp that if I stayed it was five years in prison that was a done deal as far as I was concerned.

But many months later it became clear that some Guardian Angels had other plans it turns out.

Though we were shipped six extremely painful hours across the state for jail that night, oh, maybe malice, maybe scarce resources, the next day we were bailed out with sandwiches and coffee and hotel room and kindness and transportation back to Bismarck. Water Protectors Legal Collective. Sorry, choked with emotion here for the moment.

And still it occurred to me not the slightest that prison would be avoided. Neither was I going to seek legal assistance other than one or two online mentions, nor was it going to be forthcoming. And the insane brothers and sisters, passionately destroying their children's future for a few Pennies from fossil fuels now, wanted us suffering as much as absolutely possible.

But some angels had plans I didn't foresee. Guardian angels that I will never know provided the legal funding to us. I haven't a clue who they are.

And not just legal funds but a genuine Guardian Angel, Amanda Harris, Harris law.

For example, last night, probably 8 p.m. her time, I simply sent a message via messenger hoping that some day I get a reply maybe, and Within moments had the photo above from her. What lawyer does that? Instantaneous response in the middle of the night? Amanda does. Incredibly generous, incredibly driven, impossibly productive, incredibly clever and good and competent and expert and relentless.

It is a hidden feature of the human nervous system in one out of a million, exactly like that colored man in Palestine said two thousand years ago, if you give your life for the joy of it for the sake of the neediest souls, it will cost you, but you will come in contact with some of the other Angels, which is the Supreme Human Experience.

Life and death now. Speaking of which, near certainly we are going to lose one of the greatest Souls I know personally living within the next two months unless a miracle is Stirred Up, and that requires guardian angels swooping in to provide wind under the wings of this parent, or desperately trying.

It is impossible that this individual can go on without Miracles and angels. This parent, early forties, two teenage autistic son's, in a godforsaken red-state of Michigan, is being crushed to death by the heartlessness and non-support of her state. A sister of mine in Upstate New York in a similar situation responded the other day in horror at the non-support that this drowning parent is being left in Michigan.

And this parent is not without fault. What Fault? Asks nothing, except 5 or 10 times, literally, 5 or 10 times too much of them self. Now working four part-time jobs substitute teaching, caring for delinquent children, waitress, part-time Creative Marketing) this high-level marketing executive who left their job a year ago to give the basic care to their children that this criminally negligent state will not provide.

This parent is trained among other things as as a social services Advocate and has used brilliant skills to advocate for their children in this criminally inhumane state of Michigan. So far to no avail. This parent has written me at my request that there is some slight slight slight glimmer that a Year's worth of work may come to fruition in terms of a modicum of support for the children within the next month. If this doesn't happen this individual cannot keep going and will be crushed to death literally. Personally I am really really really bad at giving up on important situations, but I'd have gone to sleep in an exhaust filled garage long ago hair dye  you've been carrying what this individual carries. It can't be otherwise. It is impossible to survive what this individual has survived. Without some Guardian Angels kicking up a miracle. This individual gives and gives and gives their life for the neediest. Isn't it time?

I am racking my brain about how I can help. I have gladly pledged here, unbeknownst to this individual who asks nothing, ever, I have gladly pledged here whatever scarce resources I have, 100%, Beyond food, the vehicle, bedding, and clothing, all the meager savings scraped together, if that will help get this individual on a sustainable path. I know few Souls whose goodness demands this, but this is one.

I am racking my brain and soul as to how else to help.

A month or two must not be lost. If the state again fails as is likely it is too late to start Alternatives from a standing start. New York, California, and Texas are Nirvana compared to this hellhole Michigan. But how to say near drowned to death Soul get there? And or how do so far unavailable resources get shamed up, dug up, brought to bear in Michigan?

Many hours now have been spent buy me brainstorming what organizations can be contacted, that might help, that might have networks nationally and or in Michigan and help either bring pressure on the state or access to people that can help. Hours have been spent now crafting a communication campaign, though minuscule, to try and lift the odds from zero of this individual being able to survive.

Aren't you called to do similarly? Aren't you called to help this individual survive? Several of you know who I'm speaking of. If you do not you must not try and guess. This individual's privacy is their own. They know and Express gratitude I am advocating on their behalf. But they are the pilot, I am simply ground support. Bring to me your serious ideas, your contributions, your work on this individual's behalf and I will share it and this pilot I'm referring to will then decide what if anything to do from there.

If not you, who? If not now, when?


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