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Rescuing soul from joylessness log, March 18th. Productive, important, non-strategic day.

Yesterday was a relatively easy day because everything was clicking in place. The vision was really maturing, ideas were coming together. Possibly a bit of a manic High?
But not just a manic High, things are building, focus is increasing, accountability is increasing, the vision is maturing with so much work and study.
Work continued to attempt to support one of the more important Souls that has been in Mortal Danger of being crushed by our cruel Society. I don't know if I'm helping. I know that I care. And probably I'm being of a little bit of help. So a fair amount of today was spent on that communication.
The season at this magical sacred Mount Whitney area is changing, the tourist traffic is beginning to increase soon dramatically. So instead of an empty Park where the little pennies I can spend in town make a difference, I could quickly turn into an unwanted homeless guy. Several days ago I expressed a concern that I was feeling a bit of a chill. An encounter with a very key individual to that feeling, today, was quite a flow of warm air. If I need to leave tomorrow it is no tragedy. It would be best for the work if this sacred Rich conducive area can remain our base of operations until the fall at least. And today's encounter suggest to me that that is quite possible to be comfortable for all. Time will tell.
But additional venues for discreet parking at night are a good idea, probably necessary, so some of today was spent scouting out such things. And frustratingly time will be spent in the coming week or so scouting out areas. But it's all part of the process of keeping a base of operations underneath this Mission.

Another operations issue enabled by Sol, this miraculous platform, is to fortify Sol in several regards if possible. On the trailer wheels and the rear wheel of this vehicle there's just too much weight, too much stress. It is manageable and if things can't be stabilized further we will be okay. But exploration of some possible upgrades is taking time. Feelers have been put out and some feedback come in on the idea of going to a much fatter rear wheel with much more tread and it would also provide more cushioning to the vehicle. It would require a new rim and quite a bit of Labor to rebuild the wheel but I could probably do that and it wouldn't be terribly expensive. And the next grade of spokes, increase thickness, which is the greatest thickness available, would be put on at that time. Probably as of tonight it's about fifty-fifty that that will be done in the next two or three weeks, or finally put aside as an idea. Similarly exploration is occurring to see if thicker spokes can go on the rear trailer wheels. That will probably be determined tomorrow. And again would require me or maybe someone in the town 60 miles north of here, Bishop, to rebuild those Wheels. Tedious, distracting from the research and study Central to the mission but necessary.

Much time and attention now is going to trying to process the flood of ideas, improved Vision, improved understanding that came in a bit of a nice Crescendo with in recent days. The idea of replacing all of the technology-oriented graphics on the rear of the vehicle has taken root but trying to massage in terms of what the basic color should be, it could be black but I think that's too overbearing, I'm leaning toward a gray, or maybe a muted green, and the verbage which I suspect will be the new logo on the shirt and uniform which I've shared, and also the words rescuing soul from joylessness. But that's an important decision, this will be two or three hundred dollars worth of signage, and I need some time to think it through.

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