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Ransoming Souls log March 4th. The centuries of saving paradise everyone but Jesus has a say.

Benedict, Anselm avalor, Eloise the list of authors decade by decade century by century, untold. Almost never the slightest evidence that anyone thinks to look at the words teachings and example of Jesus. It doesn't happen. It doesn't occur to them.

This is certainly the right of each individual. But that it is never seemingly explicit. That it is never seemingly recognized or deliberate. And they even Brock and Parker reporting on it seem not to understand the implications is mind exploding. The fish are the last to discover water.

Rock and Parker, excellent cerebral scholars, excellent, appear to like the idea that right headed Christianity has been searching to establish material paradise on earth and that has a spiritual component, but in that order of priority. Occasionally their words suggest that logically spirit, psychology, the lymbic system, soul in charge itself is paradise but never do these words seem to be a stopping point for them, rather, a casual mention from which they immediately move on to their pree conceived notion, an notion desired by their overly developed head and flash, it's the answer they want. How much more useful and satisfying if they recognized the choice and made it deliberately and explained to us their choice. If ever I could access them I would hope to respectfully try and bring this to their attention because based on their scholarship their processing of this choice could be very very valuable to me. And for some probably to others. Wishful thinking.

The mission to which I am called is a refined  version of my entire adulthood call. This refined in call is for joy, serve those poor souls in solidarity. To live that for the joy of it, to communicate it for the potential joy of others. To make it more able to be grasped and held onto in the world and a historical culture that says no, that's not the way. That's not paradise. Ignore Jesus. Ignore Tolstoy.. Buddha didn't mean it, listen to his 20th century, 21st century teachers. And on and on and on. As reported last week a surprise evolution of this is to understand in this imagination I try and use that prospective client, what they demand of James, what they need of James, what they need of us all, more than anything, is become transformational Souls yourself. Powerful Portals to the soul in charge if you will. The equivalent of the sought after wormhole. As reported several days ago initially to me what this seems to mean is be the  Limbic system, the soul in charge in your life. It will be amazing to me if this does not intensify in clarity and implication overtime tho it may change, extremely unlikely that it will. This increases my being a tune to those few souls that are or could move toward being transformational with an interest for helping and certainly protecting those. One of the few that I sense maybe approaching physical unsustainability, death. This is moving me for the joy of it, for the call of it, to see if maybe protection for this soul can be arranged. It is far from clear that that's possible. Today's response to this by me was to develop some thinking on this and to share it with a few promising souls I know. And the response of one absolutely astonished me. Immediate generosity. Immediate commitment. Instinctual. Reflexive. Devine. It is no disrespect to this individual being referred to, that it is off, amaze meant, shock, that wells up in me. World class, Olympic  caliber performances do that to us, don't they? The person of concern maybe in the final stages of saving themselves. It may be that it is far too late to save them. We have been neglected far too long. It is completely unclear to me how this will work out. But at least two of us, two souls, are now in solidarity to meaningful attempt to provide aid if that proves to beof promise. This is paradise. Agony yes, but the ecstasy also. Such a privilege for me to know such a fellow soul. And such a privilege for us to maybe have the opportunity to help another. Such a gift. This is the gospel. Jesus had none other.

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