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marooned March 22nd, 3 days, treating the soles for oppression, weakness. Log.

Marooned until Monday, not a problem.
Last night two tenths of a mile short of the destination the pedaling quit. Diagnosing this morning found a problem with the 330% gear mid vehicle. This morning removed it, diagnosed the problem, and working with a marvelous Midwest Bike parts distributor arranged for the needed part to arrive on Monday. Nobody designs a variable gear for a 900-pound bicycle payload. The problem that arose is likely to occur again, but part of today's procurement was a special tool and several replacement parts that should enable us to inexpensively deal with what today is a $500 problem, at much much lower cost in the future and much more quickly. Really it is a very good thing the way this has resolved. And with this creativity this gear becomes a long-term solution in all likelihood, instead of the $1,500 German gear that would be the alternative.

There is motor power, full, but it would be foolish to chance getting in an uphill situation where the vehicle could be stopped because getting it moving again with motor power without the ability to Pedal would be very chancy. It could be disaster. So we are planning to sit tight at the base of Mount Whitney until Monday when the part arrives.
Most of the day was spent on physical plant issues. 3 spokes replaced in the rear trailer. The diagnosis, mentioned above. Wiring on the rotating safety Beacon on the RV unit failed a week ago and it was soldered and repaired today.

Productive usofor Facebook was made, a workaround for Facebook blocking posts from my blog was established. Study of Tolstoy, not done by me in many years, was resumed yesterday afternoon, and blossomed in a very important Insight in this meme published today. This is quite a strategic insight for the work of this mission.
Weather permitting, if warm enough, the vinyl sides of the RV unit have been cracking dangerously, and if warm enough repair will be conducted of that.
If really warm enough then finally the replacement decals, replacing, starve the corporate state, with, for joy..., may be applied to the front and rear of the vehicle, Sol. The major plan for the next three days is to plow through the Tolstoy translation of the four gospels, translation and harmonization.

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