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March 3rd. Ransoming Souls log. A chronology of Jesus crucifixion, 2000 years and Counting , by the Christians.

March 3rd. Ransoming Souls log. A chronology of Jesus crucifixion, 2000 years and Counting , by the Christians.

What a mean title, yes? No, unless the truth is mean. Maybe many books, but this one by Brock and Parker, saving Paradise, is a 2000 year history including their addition, their personal additions, 2000 years of crucifying the teachings of the man Jesus. He was never more than anything but a brand? An excuse? A prop? Those could all be malicious things but not necessarily intentional or intentionally malicious. Nobody ever practiced his religion. No one ever wanted his religion. At Best One in a Million. Over coming weeks it may be necessary for me to provide some graphical Renditions of these incontrovertible facts. Why necessary? It is said that the last one to discover water is the fish. I don't assume anyone wants to see the truth. But I suspect I need to provide the simple graphical representation that this book by Parker and Brock is.

James, everyone here and Lone Pine likes you. This during the periodic conversation I have with a local Forest official, an extremely nice guy as our are interchange has been enjoyable by both of us for quite a few months now. I like this community so much, everything from the natural magnificence to so many of the folks in town. Jeff who runs the local post office and Dylan one of his lieutenants. Doug and Doug who own the local hostel and Mountain portal stores, Mara and their staff, Kelly at the pizza bar, Christie at the Mount Whitney restaurant, John and cord at the local climbing store, Don Jeff Josh at the hardware store…. And according to this local official Everyone likes me. Well, for sure not everyone, there are several that may well kill me literally for the fun of it, for their self-medicating malicious fun, passing me on the high-speed Road up the hill. But a lot of people like me. This is a first in my life. Maybe it will change. But it's quite Pleasant.

I know few strong mature honest Souls, one of the best I ever knew ended its physical Life by drinking to death not too many years ago. I did my best to try and stop that, investing many months of my life directly toward that end. I did not succeed. Now another of the few alive good strong Souls I know may be being crushed to death by the life circumstances they have. If by some miracle they choose to fight on I may find that there are no personal lengths of my meager means that I will not go to in order to help them stay Among Us. We need more strong Souls not fewer.

Hey Parker and Brock, well intended people no question, what part of Jesus saying, the kingdom of God is within you, it will never be look low there, low there, it is within you, what part of that don't you understand? Facetious question but not malicious, obviously it does not concern you what Jesus had to say or teach. And that is the two thousand year history of Christianity in a nutshell. Jesus was nothing more than a Rorschach inkblot picture for you to project whatever you feel like f****** projecting.

It is excruciating, and so eye-opening, to see decade after decade, Century after Century, for 2,000 years, Christianity was created. Which is to say it was not created by Jesus. It was created Brick by Brick, turd by terd, cancer cell by cancer cell, disease, disease, for two thousand years. That's a lot of work. That's a lot of manure on top of, burying, crucifying, killing, destroying, the man Jesus and his teaching. It need not be malicious. Little of it was done for that purpose. The result is the same. Christianity is not the religion of Jesus.

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