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Your soul is needed for my calling.

Your soul, (limbic system, mammalian brain,  heart, the most important part of the nervous system that should always be in charge,  the other two parts being the  the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus, the computer  and Reptilian Brain, head and flesh, respectively) , is needed for my calling, just not quite yet.
The needs of my work does not dictate that you should or are expected to respond.
There are some of you that when the time, times, come where several hours or more of your time are required, there are some of you on my list and I'll put out the call with no expectation.
If at sometime you sense you would very much like to be on the list, message me or something.
Although this work has been my life for my entire adulthood it becomes ever more focused week by week month by month.
As best I can articulated at the moment, my work is to provide an advantage to the one in a million Souls in this 2019 and future world that have not been so mutilated by the culture, that they can stand being captive, subjugated, enslaved and killed by the all worshipped cerebral cortex and Reptilian Brain, head and flesh, any longer.
This morning's brainstorming began to flesh out for me what some of the aspects look like. No attempt has been made to make this more intelligible to anyone beside me, so far, but this is what came out this morning.

I expect that in my lifetime no one will be called too seriously collaborate with me in this effort. But who knows? The work will be substantially stillborn if that's the case but I am resigned to that. But if and when I can get even the littlest bit of attention from those that need to collaborate at least a little bit it will be of immeasurable value.

My work will continue along the lines of the list above and at such Point as I think the materials could warrant the encounter with your soul such that feedback from you could be forthcoming, at that point, I will put out the first call.

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Ken said...

An Army of Example requires Limbic Resonance. It is one thing I bet my life On!