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February 5th. Getting down to business. Ransoming Souls log.

Process note. The practice of these ransoming soul logs going into one long post is proving unwieldy. From now on the label will appear as it does at the top of this post and a label will be added that can be clicked at the bottom to retrieve all similar posts and the cycling log will receive the same treatment.

Getting down to business for about three or four hours this afternoon to take advantage of the luxury of this $35 a night bunk room at the hostel, was how the time and expense was invested. it's just a very very very very beginning. to impossible complex challenges in Industry there are many things that I learned and applied with great success and in the work I've done since rarely has it been applied and today was a beginning attempt to change that. The photos above may be totally unintelligible to anyone but me, but they represent beginning to break down a general direction into pieces that can be prioritized, developed, discarded, improved upon. The important Soul Dwight David Eisenhower said, plans are worthless, but planning is everything. done properly planning as a tool for preparing, harnessing, applying our nervous system to an important challenge.
Central to today's effort was to very substantially move to the front and center of James life the clients he has referred to, in his imagination. Too much front and center for now has been James body, James mind, James Comfort, James cycling, James food, Etc. The point isn't that this was bad, it was probably quite necessary. But it has resulted in a substantial learning curve, hopefully sufficient, that these areas can be moved into the background and the clients kept front and center.
Not simply a matter of willpower is this shift however. There are very real issues that must be resolved. Stabilizing the rear axle of the vehicle against the impending catastrophe of the crack fully failing. Work was done to secure  a heavily fortified replacement hopefully within the next two or three days. There remain connectors on the vehicle that too frequently fail, electrical connectors, under the tremendous strain placed on this heavy payload vehicle. work was done today to secure Small Parts and Equipment that should lead to soldered connections that are much more stable. the platform at the rear of the vehicle the plastic has been cracking after such heavy use. Replacement plastic arrived yesterday and with the help of a kindly hardware store it was cut and put in place. the new battery was received yesterday and proper connectors soldered on today. The new signage for the front and rear of the vehicle arrived yesterday but application must wait until the weather warms which looks to be at least a week away. the new uniform that James always wears is on order and the status was checked, appears to be shipping on Friday.
But very important to today, the conscious effort applied today to have the will of the clients determine Moment by moment what James did, was tremendous progress over any time prior. to a degree this is like weaning an addiction to James indulging his impulses. This is encouraging. It is hard work. Making this shift. But it is necessary, desirable, healthy, enjoyable, and doable. The progress will be halting but probably substantial I hope.

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