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Update. James needs to step up his game. Detail.

 the bad news for James is that he needs to dramatically step up his game. The good news is for James, he is glimpsing that. James throughout his adulthood has felt most alive, most joyful, when his vision was sufficiently crystallizing and all of his resources could focus to their Peak. as dr. King rightly said, the person is only equipped to live when giving their lives to something they value more than themselves. Jesus said it this way, whoever would hold on to their life will lose it, and whoever will lose it for the sake of creation, will gain it. Both men were true.
 the nervous system of James has been  fully possessed by this, joyfully, his entire adulthood but sometimes it is easy and obvious focus and other times not. I don't know if I'll live long enough to understand how much of it is under the control of even the most expert practitioner, and how much is simply a function of enough time and data for it to be possible to assemble a reasonable vision.

 for his entire adulthood James has been in and out of both modes with almost no gaps in between. For more than the last year he has been in the data-gathering, study, pondering mode and maybe now even more joyful will be the possibility of a vision crystallizing and mobilizing around that Is at hand?

 But if this is about James, it is about nothing. it is about the population that has been his primary concern, the one in a million survivors, today and 300 years from now,  with the potential for their soul to be fully Alive, their limbic system, their mammalian brain, for the joy of it serving those poor souls they can access in solidarity.

 When a vision  begins to finally give birth within him His nervous system begins to give birth to metrics like the following that help him Focus, accelerate, intensify, and grow in capabilities more rapidly. The following began to emerge several days ago.  with such low scores with ten being hi  he has a long way to go and is likely to become even more remote then you usually see.  the article he shared this morning with some of you can give you an idea of how deadly serious he views the situation and how urgent. Chris Hedges on the future we can now be quite certain of, Post below.

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Shodo said...

Beautiful thoughts. Understood.