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Phase 2? A new phase of this Mission emerging? Not important in my view, but interesting. Every day....

What is important is that hundreds of thousands of eyeballs can now not unsee the future that is possible, renewable, ultralight living on our mother earth. Constructive coexistence. Life lived in the service of others not self. The only Revolution. This thanks to the contributions of so many now.  Will it make a difference? It is impossible that will not make a difference. Large enough to nudge the needle? Unlikely, but possible. Many now have helped these seeds be sewn. And the sowing of seeds will continue for as long as I can see with this now so capable vehicle.

Phase 2? A new phase of this Mission emerging? Not important in my view, but interesting. Every day.... of the last 14 months, almost 12,000 miles, has been a race, a Sprint. A Sprint to get to Standing Rock. My Sprint to get to Lansing Michigan for the new Harvester micro RV to be built. A Sprint in northern Wisconsin to show it at the Midwest Energy Fair. Sprint back to Lansing Michigan for the solar Harvester micro RV to be completed. Sprint to Western Iowa for the 7-Day Cross Iowa bicycle event with 10,000 people or so. A Sprint to the West Coast where this vehicle could be seen by those with the means and know how to take the idea and run with it. Well, the sprinting phase seems to be over. Except for the Sprint to save the world which is what this is completely, entirely, all about. That will end with my last breath. But the sprinting phase as it has been seems to be over. With the help and generosity and skill and kindness of so many people this being written from the southwest United States, San Diego, it is completed in Phase 1. And coincidentally this miraculous vehicle is now completed. With regenerative braking it is now absolutely a fun vehicle with many fewer incidents that terrorized me, to travel in. There are few climbs that can stop it. And The Descendants from steep grades which were horrible brake melting, vehicle crushing events are now something that recharge the batteries effortlessly  descend  at 15 miles per hour! Game-changing. And those of you that stepped forward with material Financial contributions when it became apparent that this vehicle was so outmatched by the mountains on the coast you enabled the stored battery power to be doubled and there are now few climbing situations that it can't handle. Maybe none. It has been the entire purpose of this vehicle to be seen to try and awaken people's hearts to the possibility of averting a otherwise certain horrible future for the children. That remains 100% of the mission. But the new phase is a move from a arduous Sprint to something I don't remember how to anymore because it has been so many decades, follow my interests and curiosity in the world. As I have written recently I'm aware that my intimate relationship with nature has cooled dramatically. This may be okay but I'm not sure. After some important work to improve the solar generating capability with wiring and a new controller that may be completed tomorrow, the Palm Springs, Joshua Tree area campgrounds become the new initial destination. If my nervous system responds I will linger and try and have my connection with creation reignite. The vehicle got to be seen these last 14 months by sprinting the various locations. For the months that I see ahead it will also be seen but by Meandering to spiritually significant locations to my nervous system primarily. Interesting. My gratitude to those who have contributed to this Mission will never waver.

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pac said...

my prayers are endless for your safety and success in all you do . Much love!