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In a couple more days it will be ready to roll. Major progress.....

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In a couple more days it will be ready to roll. Major progress on the punch list again all day today. The notion of a solar trailer is pretty significant. This is a second generation of the trailer. Some important upgrade features are noted in the photographs below and a description of each photograph. The challenges include lightweight, low cost, reliability even in moderate wind conditions, the ability to tie down in the event of extreme winds. The ability to angle the panel left or right to catch full sun. The ability to have panels extended Way Beyond the vehicle so that if the vehicle is casting Shadows at least some of the panels will still be generating electricity. And on and on.  I suggest that if you are really interested in promoting renewable energy that you do something like I have even if you don't extremely need it. As it sits here this vehicle is about $12,000, but it is only a third of that or less and functional parts, $3 to 4000. and then it's basically free except for $120 in tires every thousand miles ( quite standard on a bike)  and  $0.10 a mile  for the depletion of lithium ion batteries.  And in another couple of years it'll be less than that simply because there will be places to rebuild the batteries which is very inexpensive. The stylish cab from Organic Transit, don't buy it unless you want zero, zero, zero, support, the stylish cab is needed or beneficial for the full-time campaign I wage. It is 80% of the cost. It could easily be an under $500 Schwinn tricycle with a $600 motor. Or it could be a more sophisticated two thousand-dollar motorized trike. Or most likely still it could simply be  a  motorized bicycle  with just one or two panels.  If you can commute around a city like I did around Washington DC with a motorized bike and a panel you wouldn't plug your batteries in anytime within a year most likely. Why aren't you doing something like this? If you're serious about getting people to think about renewable energy, in time for it to matter, you'll seriously consider this and some of you will do it. Oh, and the American flags you wonder? Yes, I detest with every cell in my body the America that behaves as it does today and for most of its existence. But I refuse to surrender what I was told it stood for when I was in kindergarten, freedom and justice for all, give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to be free. I refuse to surrender that.

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