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Update. Traveling down to Eagle Butte Cheyenne River Pow Wow Arena. My vehicle is undriveable. An estimated $700 damage. It could......

Update. Traveling down to Eagle Butte Cheyenne River Pow Wow Arena. My vehicle is undriveable. An estimated $700 damage. It could be more expensive but I will not know until it is driveable. It is simply not possible that the damage was due to anything other than  malicious Savage  intent. Absolutely impossible. vehicle weighs 160 pounds. The trailer weighs 70 pounds.  Absolute  Savage  Power Over Law. It has been retrieved and is on the back of a flatbed with lots of other stuff. Possibly Parts can be purchased and sent to make it drivable and possibly welding can be done. In order to gain access to the vehicle to retrieve it it was necessary to pay $1,280 for the towing fee on the hundred and sixty pounds solar bicycle car that is 52 inches wide and 71 inches long. And it was necessary to pay $1,280 to receive the trailer which has a replacement value of $1,000. There was no other way to get the vehicle. There is no recourse. They can and will torture and crush you like a bug unless you remain compliant, sheep, cooperating with evil. Yes, of course I will make the choice that I made every single time. I will not live in fear. I will not be bullied. Crushed physically is up to them. I expect it will take a week or so to get the vehicle operational and then I expect to resume my trip across the country. The arraignment for my arrest which carries a maximum of one year in prison and $5,000 fine, the arraignment is March 22nd in Mandan. By Friday or Monday it's possible that a public defender will be assigned to me at which point I can find out if that arraignment can be handled in such a way that it does not require my physical presence. Based on the pattern with the 700 or so arrests that have taken place before mine it is unlikely that any court appearance will be until 8 months from now or so. Our cell phones for our misdemeanor charges are not being returned. Those are unlikely to be returned until the court case is settled. If you are awake and sane then you have one of two choices in realizing what is done to Citizens merely trying to protect basic human rights, your choice is between being terrified and outraged. But that's for the few that care to be awake.

Today some of our time was spent trying to tie up Loose Ends Here in Mandan. This includes circuitous circular round-robin visits to Sheriff's Office, state district attorney, Sheriff's Office, repeat, repeat, repeat. A blessing it was to run into Grandma Regina's son, Charles, a blessing it was too run into grandma Regina's son, Charles, because I was able to make clear to him that although being in prison is not something that I think I would enjoy that my number one priority is to use my body to support Regina's treaty stand as best as I am able if it is of great potential benefit. I was able to say that some people want to avoid prison, some want to fight the legal system and that neither of those categories apply to me. I know of no price I wouldn't pay if it could be a major help in the treaty rights fight. I was very glad because I think he understood that and I am hopeful of getting guidance in advice from he and his legal team and his moms legal team before the 22nd.

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