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Collaboration needed: High-effectiveness solar trailer... Potential funding, collaboration need. Thanks......

Collaboration needed: High-effectiveness solar trailer... Potential funding, collaboration need. Thanks to the savagery of the police state on February 23rd and a series of disasters that resulted , the solar trailer on my bike, and some of my bike, are pretty well destroyed. Although some of my affection for solar panels has greatly diminished, it is not entirely gone and the most important part of that vehicle for stimulating people's thinking about renewable energy is the trailer because the solar panels are so obvious. As many as half of the people in this country that could and should be switching from fossil fuels to  renewable energy, solar panels,  are prevented from doing so  by the fact that they rent and don't own their own property.  But as I did when I was in an apartment in Washington DC,  they could easily  pull a solar trailer behind their car or bicycle  charging batteries all day  and use those to power the appliances in their apartment. It may be sooner than later that I should resume my cross-country travel with that vehicle and it may well be soon that I should invest in the next generation of that trailer. I have learned a lot about the needs , including the need to be able to very very easily and quickly angle it toward the Sun, the need to protect the trailer from destruction from Midwest crosswinds and or the Winds of an occasional extreme storm. Needs that include quick and easy access to storage space underneath. Needs that include the ability to shift the solar panels three or four feet aft of the vehicle when traveling south so that multiple panels are not blocked by the sun midday and to solve the fishtailing problem that shifting such weight rearward can cause . Etcetera. Etcetera. Etcetera.. I am pretty well prepared now through many months of painful learning to detail and prioritize key requirements. I suspect that a complete redesign is necessary. I suspect that  a quick prototype implementation which I would use would cost between 2 and $4,000 and I would be open to trying to raise and Supply such funds. I suspect that aluminum would be a key material and therefore someone that is able to work in aluminum. Please if you know of any persons that would be interested in collaborating on this project seriously with funds and or dollars please let me know. I have and never will have any commercial interest in this other than I would love to see it become commercially viable in itself or to stimulate products for others. Who ever collaborated would be welcome to any commercial interest. I don't know if this is a project that I will never devote myself to or if it is something that I will devote myself to very very very soon. As Eisenhower said, plans are worthless, but planning is everything, and I think I should be doing some immediate planning on this.  Mike Cobb Rex Mark Lucas  ( photos are moments before the state savagery was Unleashed.)

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