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$2,300 GoFundThis. Water protector James Mcginley recovering, repairing, resuming Fight for creation. Dapple Unleashed $1,100 violence on my solar fueled bicycle car, and my possessions February 23rd......

$2,300 GoFundThis. {{{Canceled due to total lack of interest. 1 donation, $100. Mission will resume anyway on credit card debt only. This is what I expected.}}. Water protector James McGinley recovering, repairing, resuming Fight for creation.

Donations to this GoFundThis as of today, Wedsday, $100.

Dapple Unleashed $1,100 violence on my solar fueled bicycle car, and my possessions February 23rd before during and after arresting the 48 of us, of the earlier 12000, that remained and stood that last day. This the price the State exacted for my decision to stand with Grandma Regina Brave of Oglala tribe rather than leave the camp as had been my plan the night before. I had stayed for months to stand with my native sisters and brothers for their human rights as indigenous people, and when I learned that she had remained in camp the 23rd the decision for me was clear and I spent the day chronicling her talk, her arrest, and then the events of the day with one video receiving more than 80,000 views. I would make the same decision every time.

As a consequence of that decision thousands of dollars of possessions, pretty much everything that I had, was destroyed because I decided to Chronicle her rather than get the stuff safely out of the camp as I had an option to do. I would make the same decision every time. Oh, and yes,  like the rest of the 48 I face what I understand to be $5,000 in fines and a year in prison to be decided later this year or early next.

This week I am replacing way less than half of what was destroyed so that I can resume the journey that I interrupted for Standing Rock, a mission across the country to try and massage the hearts of as many Souls as I can encounter per day stimulating their hearts with this solar fueled bicycle car and it's messages about waging love, indigenous rights, and starving the corporate snake.

As of tonight the credit card debt is beyond $1,000,  to replace basic possessions including a second change of clothes, to repairing  the broken roof of the vehicle .  Plus another $400 for the dental work required because I refused to leave camp in January when teeth became damaged.
By week's end another $700 to replace the lithium ion battery that I pretty well exhausted in the 2 month 1700 mile Journey from North Carolina to Standing Rock that was completed in a 4 day sprint ending two hours before the snowstorm in late November. And then there's the $25 per day (1st month) to fuel that journey going forward across the country speaking to people in convenience stores, gas stations, churches, intentional communities, camps, about radical Brotherhood, putting our lives on the line for the next Generations, starving the corporate snake, well possibly modeling the same with my life.

With your help this work can resume in a healthy fashion. PayPal Without your support it will be ground to dust pretty quickly under this heavy credit card debt. This mission is not to be confused with the Oceti construction crew  ( Joe Britt Jr., Val Armstrong, Eric Wallace-senft ) with whom I've been traveling and providing what little support I can. They are  conducting their own fundraising and please watch and support them.

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