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Cycling update. We are the small gears at the perineum turning the turbine their forward.


One good, one bad, way too inform the legs.

 Best ride ever yesterday.

  • Properly positioned perineum pointed in crank Direction. Creating the effect of the conventional bicycle seat which is of instrumental information content to the body, the legs, what their range and direction of motion is, profoundly freeing and empowering. The alternative way of informing the legs range is to use the pedals as a reference and this has been four years of disaster. And James has no recollection that the pedals is what was used on a conventional bicycle, no, the perineum.
  • Linkages between femur Stump mid-thigh and crank top and bottom. Thigh stump is not nearly precise enough.
  • Smooth running, taking the initiative; can be fast.
  • Positioning such that the end of the stroke is never encountered.
  • A synchronicity between-the-legs such that they thought I can return more quickly than the leg extend.
  • Smooth run the size, the femurs, forward and back next to one another.
  • Feedback aligned approaching 90 degrees to the line of the legs to the crankset .
  • Smooth running. 
  • Running correlates with not missing a small tooth on the gear for power.
  • Experiencing the power at the Crossing Point between the femurs.
  • Remembering that any pressure port weight belt be on the femur stuff is subtracted from the total energy delivered..
  • Constant tension gentle in the abdomen boarding some of the weight of the Torso off of the back of the seat so that the uprising femur always has something to pull again. Much better balance of the system.
  • And torso and femur stumps in constant relationship spatially to the outgoing and returning CRAN CK period
  • We are the small gears after perineum that was run forward to turn the turbines forward.
  • We are the 4 inch long femur stump that smooth Runs small beers at the perineum that drives forward the turbine that is us.
  • Centering our weight on the coccyx so that the pelvis is free to enable the femur joints to free smooth run.
This assembly above is driven by a number of factors including the need to feel competent, the need to feel psychologically satisfied both that we are contributing to the magical power and that we are a thing that we make sense that we understand what we're doing that we have some level are the master of what we're doing as opposed to a slave of sol as wonderful as sol is. We also, what's above also is the fruit of the need to be able to cycle for between 4 and 6 hours or more per day feeling comfortable and not damaging tissue and never with the possible exception of Iowa which may be impossible for such a wide crankset now and that's fine this is the well this is the best we've found and it's good enough if we can repeat this. Einstein said I'm not particularly bright I just stay with problems longer than most people James apparently is dumb as a rock just staus with important problems for the long longer than most. Voice typing while cycling hopefully not too many errors Google.


Cycling. Lessons I hope I carry forward when resuming tomorrow.

  • The power of the small sprocket, the screw driving the car jack. Don't lunge James, don't miss one tooth of one gear.
  • All power emanates from the Torso.
  • Posture torso such that the legs are clearly out of control. Passive linkages, wonderful, essential, but out of control.
  • Power is in the constantly moving muscle, not enforcing, clenching, gripping.
  • Lumbar support.


James, why did you not get a hotel room?!?!?!

This I ask myself and these are the answers that come back:

  • Eighty bucks including taxes and fees, that's a lot of money.
  • And what is to be learned from getting a hotel room? Been there, done that. I find living in the elements difficult, but vastly healthy, and joyful.
  • If we survive this which I'm sure we will, we're stronger and more knowledgeable the next time with greater options.


This is our greatest cold-weather challenge yet....

Windchill way below zero. Provided there is no ice on the roads tomorrow expect to arrive in Wichita Falls Texas with Refuge with a nice friend for several days. Then continuing to the West Coast. Unless creator has other ideas.


The real damage is done by those millions who want to 'survive.' The honest....

The real damage is done by those millions who want to 'survive.' The honest... men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don’t want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes. Those who won’t take measure of their own strength, for fear of antagonizing their own weakness. Those who don’t like to make waves—or enemies. Those for whom freedom, honour, truth, and principles are only literature. Those who live small, mate small, die small. It’s the reductionist approach to life: if you keep it small, you’ll keep it under control. If you don’t make any noise, the bogeyman won’t find you. But it’s all an illusion, because they die too, those people who roll up their spirits into tiny little balls so as to be safe. Safe?! From what? Life is always on the edge of death; narrow streets lead to the same place as wide avenues, and a little candle burns itself out just like a flaming torch does. I choose my own way to burn.


Cycling. Javelin throwing

 Well, this is unexpected but very promising. It's very minimal testing, tomorrow will be the opportunity to test it. Your paragraph the skins and relatively pointed relaxed feet are the javelin. The femur stump about an inch and a half or two back from the knee area is the hand holding the javelin. From my brief experience with it in high school the notion is that the javelin is to be unfortunate observed during the launch, no stress of any sort on the javelin except exactly in the direction it's going to go. In addition to this notion, also the notion of keeping that jablin from either the retraction extreme or the forward extreme that would exert any stress on it. Several days ago among the discoveries was the notion of the legs being out of control and that that was actually desirable. There's an element of that here as well, if the legs from that femur stump outward feel it all under control then something's wrong.

And similarly the javelin is drawn back by the arm also without perturbing the javelin at all so very very linear and this seems really really really right and promising.

We seem to have moved past something that yesterday and earlier today in very brief ride seemed very promising and probably was a stepping stone. The notion that going forward was to call Jose bounce in the bye close to the groin. Unlike the bounce of a basketball directly off some forward on scene situation and directly back. This prompted by thinking about conventional cycling where there seems to be that sort of bouncing back which is a phenomenon of the coiled leg coming to the extremes of the crank situation.

My religion is the 250 verses where I talk about and show how to live in this world. All the rest is your Christianity.


Mission. Cycling. We're bleeding.


We'll be okay, and it's not James blood. But it's our blood. Oh man, poor Sol. A Thousand Miles, 40% of the way to California, about 45 days so far, the shortest solar days of the year behind us. and he's saying, stop man. We got problems. We need repairs and it's too cold to be working Outdoors, oh well. Three flat tires yesterday. Two so far today. Right hand trailer wheel wobbling. Seat back support broken. Cycle analyst, the brain, totally Haywire. 12-volt system in the cab and the trailer both blown out. Torque sensor crazy. Brakes in bad need of replacement and or adjustment. Long pedal chain in bad need of adjustment. Trailer motor chain adjustment.... tomorrow morning I'll see if the Walmart will allow me to stay a second night presuming that there's no problem tonight. And maybe a third. We're not in any danger, were very tired. But we're okay. It won't kill us, will grow.

Update. Work in progress. Hands get numb but other than that we're okay. Walmart seems to be very accommodating for a day or two working on the vehicle here. That's a great Mercy. The wobble in the rear trailer wheel has been diagnosed and replacement parts on order and things are solidified so we can be safe until we get to the parts in a week.


Cycling. The ride of a lifetime. Gift of a lifetime to have lived to experience it.
  1. What James has the opportunity to do is distribute and you're sure, momentum at constant velocity, energy leveraging his body and the mass at his back and butt that are Sol.
  2. His leverage for this is not in his legs as he has always thought, it is objectively about one and a half inch out on his femur. No Revelation has been more important then this regarding cycling. Have often been so close, but never grasped it.
  3. As he briefly found going north in Michigan, early summer, he can establish the terms, not what's going on with Sol. In fact, he probably must. In the form of 2 3 inch high mass momentum loops at his femur stumps that are oriented to the High leverage chamber at the crank. But their purpose, their function, is to deliver energy to the flywheel directly under the seat.
  4. His job, His function, his opportunity is to establish those high-mass loops weighing A pounder so each, and to adjust everything accordingly including his velocity, and the effective weight and resistance of Sol.


I Think Jesus did not give a rat's ass whether anyone knows his name. He gave his life as do I to show people the Joyful Way of being. Anyway, that's what I think. I think neither Jonas Salk nor Louis Pasteur much cared whether anyone knew their name either. They just saw suffering and saw a way to eliminate it and replace it with joy. The Joyful Way of being.....

I Think Jesus did not give a rat's ass whether anyone knows his name. He gave his life as do I to show people the Joyful Way of being. Anyway, that's what I think. I think neither Jonas Salk nor Louis Pasteur much cared whether anyone knew their name either. They just saw suffering and saw a way to eliminate it and replace it with joy. The Joyful Way of being.


Cycling. Extraordinary ride.


See today's video logs in the archive. In addition to what is described in those logs:

  • Keep the bottom of the feet off of the pedals using the Torso and thigh stumps to do so. 
  • Benefit from the fence of a circular area septic knees make and by far especially the top half of the circular area maintaining contact there and everything else happens.


Cancer-related bowel obstruction. I hope I am a vertin a new one just now.


Cancer-related bowel adhesions. Blockages. I think I may have just averted one. Sitting up in the middle of the night, I hope I am averting one. Hospitalized four or five times so far for these, when an hour ago I felt a twinge instead of waiting and watching I began moving my bowel and have kept it moving since with stomach exercises and constantly moving my posture. Maybe it was not beginning to add here, or maybe my optimism is premature. Will be interesting to see. The photograph is from about 6 months ago in Marquette Michigan. My reaction to the twinge this time was, no no no no no no bowel you're not going to shut down. Let's get moving. We'll see.

Bike Traveler group: How does a person bike camp in frigid areas, for weeks at a time, in regards to drying wet, sweaty clothes?

 Bike Traveler group: How does a person bike camp in frigid areas, for weeks at a time, in regards to drying wet, sweaty clothes?

James reply: I have cumulative weeks and months of experience with this. Number of things come to mind when I think of what makes it manageable for me. Managing my layers while exercising so as to minimize how much clothing gets damp or wet. I use  the cold environment to my advantage while exercising to minimize sweat. The last several days in weather between 25 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit after warming up cycling I removed all layers except for my base layer and put windbreaker over that. I was perfectly fine while exercising and only got one layer wet. I have also at times managed my arrival such that in the preceding 15 minutes or half an hour I would move from highly vigorous exercise to cause me to sweat to something less than that but warm enough I figured to be evaporating the clothing. If the next day I figure it will be warm enough and sunny enough that I can dry my base layer I'll strip it off and put on a dry one when I complete exercising and then of course layer up with warm stuff. If I do not figure that the next day will be good for thawing and drying out a wet base layer I'll take Extra Care in having it as dry as possible before I finish exercising and then I'll layer up with it on and use my body to dry it out.


Greta and I have the same soul...

 Greta and I somehow have the same soul. Though as you can yes if you follow my posting at all, we all have the same soul, but only one in a million of us put it in charge. The rest of this strangle it to death. Thinking that normal. Head and flesh in charge, The Executioner's.

cycling, revelation? My bottom bracket may be twice as wide as originally and maybe that's when Iowa was lost.

 It has not been all in my head this going insane trying to recapture Iowa. It was at least one thing and now it seems equally too. It was definitely the inability to lower the seat and move forward as I'd been done prior to Iowa. But near certainly it was also the subsequent introduction of a extremely wide bottom bracket to enable torque sensor which in essence create two systems for James to deliver power to, not just one. Typical bottom bracket is about 70 mm as James is coming to understand it, and his current is twice that, 1:36. Because everything shorter was out of stock. He was told by the world Authority on e-bikes, oh James, you won't notice the difference. True or false in all things I strive for Simplicity, unity, in skiing for example where I was quite expert learn to treat both legs as one unit and had done so on the elf at Iowa I'm quite certain particularly Unity at the knees. But Curt experience today indicates that with such a wide bottom bracket that's neither possible nor necessary. Will be interesting to see.

And all this holds, on a trike, Whitewright, this is vastly more consequential because unlike conventional bicycle that is always perpendicular to gravity and the cyclist always in line with the crank system that is rarely the case in a trike.
And guess where it may be that Unity can be found? Not at the knees as before but in the small of the back and the abdomen not as this whole place of operation but as the place where some Yuri can be established not to replace the independence just discussed but as a place of sanity.


Cycling, Hallelujah, joy to....

4 years it's a week-long Sprint, 100 miles a day, how to the great bicycle ride across Iowa, and then through the bicycle ride itself just happened but without the clear imagery and then it's been lost for the last four years and it really has been psychological and secondarily physical angle, but now it's back. If any experienced riders with a heavy payload have a really different experience with their vehicle please share or if you find this useful please share. Oh this is wonderful suffer the little children and forgive them knock. For as such of these did the kingdom of heaven. Not the irrelevant here cool, the child within of which we are all born, is where all great insights come from, the limbic system, the mammalian brain, and atomically.

 thousands and probably tens of thousands of hours have been spent by James in the last four years trying to recapture this country and hundreds of video logs. Sometimes though not seriously he wondered if he was crazy chasing something that really had been a figment figment of his imagination. Obsessed, but for good reason, we are a equivalent 900 lb payload and in James body understandably trying to seek a physical relationship to meaningfully contribute energy to our travel oh he's broken himself on the wheel over and over and over and over and over. In a time when the problem was solved in the hundred mile a day race to get to The Bicycle Race Across Iowa. But it was not solved in a way with enough Clarity and imagery with a could be regained when it evaporated some number of days after that Cross Iowa Event and it has driven James nearly crazy thousands and thousands of hours hundreds of video logs. And he's not mindless Obsession. We are a approximately 900 lb payload and without the right relationship James is constantly breaking himself on the wheel moment after moment. And having free flea for several weeks tasted Nirvana it has been psychological and physical Agony losing it. And now it's back with much clearer imagery than ever before. Poetry. Voice typing while cycling expecting to find and correct the errors this evening. But if I should die before... Too important not to share. Some technical notes that maybe weren't stated in the video core, the core meaning the muscles from to In-N-Out on the five from the perineum up through probably the lower rib cage area the corps is where one would look to find the energy to transfer to that spinning child stiff correct? Oh, the arms would be involved, the hands, the shoulders, the feet to legs the ankles but one would instinctively look for the energy to the core, correct? And further it was primarily with that child's disc a pulling motion with the core although pushing at the end would be nice but it was primarily pulling from the core and that's absolutely what's going on in this journey today and was going on in Iowa do James didn't understand it. The primary opportunity is pulling up with the fly. Whether anatomically other muscles aren't delivering as much or more in terms of experience it is very much a matter of pulling with the abdominals and the first two or three or four in of Supply probably two or three. Google does a terrible job with words like thigh check back tonight presuming that we survive today which seems likely.
Also, it is entirely possible if not extremely likely big by filling holes in the seat apparatus of the original help, James has been able to drop the height of the teeth so that we could get under the crossbar and move the seat forward and it's also possible that he had done this in a way that he could further recline the seat. Anyway, bee brilliant good Soul Khan enable this to happen and in recent Dave James has been doing similar adjustment. This Nirvana would not and could not have re-emerged without the body being put into this right physical relationship to song. Imagine trying to add energy to that extremely heavy childhood playground disc if you were positions two or three feet further away so you can only reach it with your outstretched finger tip nullifying the ability of your core to get involved?

And as with the analogy to that terribly heavy child playground apparatus it automatically solved the problem by h.e.r. math hope the child or operator otherwise thinking that they can control the speed the primary determinant of the speed is the current speed the current velocity it speaks that hay if you add energy to the momentum will gradually speed up but if you try to do it quickly you're going to hurt yourself a lot but James has been trying to hurt himself a lot these last four years without this understanding and without the physical relationship of a properly adjusted in relationship to this 900 lb Mass. Oh this is just really wonderful I thought that is helpful to establishing and maintaining this relationship is that James opportunity as the operator of that Child's Play ground apparatus is to contribute energy to charge the momentum if you will that's it. But if one understands the subtle relationship that's a very powerful thing.
Wonderful sustainable metrics, sustainable physically and psychologically, mentally.

The virtues of this mental imagery, this way of relating to contributing energy to this travel, it's so incredible incredibly fruitful it defies the ability to capture all of the details that have continued to spill out.