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The next eight hundred miles leg of the journey is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning.

The first eight hundred miles  the ultimate Target was the bearded monkey bike shop. It was not an idle choice. The expertise, Soul, Spirit, goodness,  of this team was what this 30000 Mi 48 states attempt needed to make us ship shape. And their store was the only place I knew to get it.

And yes they did. What kindness, goodness, decency, creativity, brilliance. Inspiration.. Wind under our wings. So sad I was to find out my prior visit I already used up my space on Yelp and Google Maps trying to sing the Praises of this wonderful Enterprise.

So few individuals is the world better off for having, and here is a whole Enterprise of them. They are so lucky to have each other. As is Yakima, the world, Sol and I are so lucky.

Thanks to these folks, maybe first thing this morning, Saturday, we start the Trek to Billings.


Solar rv cycling log August 18. how can it be this hard? How can it be this easy?

If James finds time to put up yesterday's post .... When if you read it and then read this one you get to laugh, be angry, be frustrated, see that James is a fool…. 

 Yesterday James thought that he had this mastered.

But Jesus, if I follow your teaching, what will be my reward, a disciple asked, we are told?

What is the reward for following Jesus' teaching? Those of the head and flesh Can never understand this. they can only either

My Not very nice dual one finger salute to two girls that drove by. Is that really bad?

Early twenties I'll guess. Park service road well paved in the middle of nowhere. It was a spontaneous decision by James to take this road and he had not done the proper mapping. He reached a point where it was unclear if the switch backs on the map were going down or up and there was no Internet to verify. So on this wide road James in his cycling tights, no place to conceal a weapon, way of the side of the road, motioned in a begging fashion for them to stop so he could ask a question about the road ahead, as if it continued climbing there was not enough energy in the battery to do it.

They continued to slowly go on by. Spontaneously he walked into the road and gave them a 2 handed salute. After a while one of the females provided a salute in return as they drove slowly away. 

James is smiling at himself, not proud of this but he is not sure it was a badd idea. Didn't they deserve some sort of a reaction to bring into question their lack of humanity? And even now he can't think of a better way of serving them.

Sally, not her name, was for several moments sitting....

Sally, not her name, was for several moments sitting in a car pointed at us in the large trailhead parking area where I had spent the night, sleeping 13 Hours, and

Pt. 2. And the Wolf, she sat in front of me and crossed her legs. I could have shot her right between the eyes.

So, it was not the kind employee of the local management Agency for the parks that had stopped several times, it was the


Tomorrow Dalles Iron Works receiving improvements and repairs. Targeting bearded monkey bike shop Thursday morning.

The life of men, who do not understand that they are not living in this world that they may eat and drink and make merry, but that they may all their life work for God, is like this: a master planted a......
The life of men, who do not understand that they are not living in this world that they may eat and drink and make merry, but that they may all their life work for God, is like this: a master planted a garden, got it into good shape, and did everything that it might bring forth fruits. And he sent labourers into the garden, to work, to gather the fruits, and to pay him for the garden according to the agreement. This master is God, the garde....