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Seek ye 1st rotary engine. Seek ye 1st 100% of energy wt on the perinium 100% of the time. Coreprinciples.

 Item. Rotary engined you are. Never for an instant anything else 

 item. .... 100% of weight on the narrow  perineum 100% of the time. such that the rest of the body Accept that fact and works around it. Check in and
adjust whatever is necessary to keep that primary. As often as necessary for it 

But in any case other things that are helpful Are the following but virtually impossible and irrelevant unless the 1st 2 items above are in place and operational. 

 .... And regarding the following item keep in mind that these can seem like drivers and indeed they may be but it may be that they are natural consequences of the 1st 2 item and it seems likely that the following are not possible unless the above 2 items are in place.

Item. Circularity. 

 Item. .... Air movement low small at the frenum. Air intake. Fanning. 

 Item. Definite sense of thighs cycling very relaxed around the frenum anchored total body weight. 

Item . For emphasis and clarity. The 1st order of business is ceding the perennial such that the body accepts that 100% of the body weight is there and trying to move it is unthinkable. 

Item. Mentioned in frequently, way infrequently, this is an error. High RPM. Why is it not mentioned more frequently by James? Because usually it just happens. Roughly 100 rpm or a hire. But it is a given. The circularity almost everything described above is too difficult if not impossible at lower rpm. There are times when the body is so tired and sore that it wants to do 95 or 90. It's not that this is a sin, but it is that it makes all the virtues above unlikely if not impossible. And those times that the body has mildly objected this has been quite easily overcome. The much more likely cause of fatigue and pain is that the perennial is not seated such that the body recognizes it is bearing 100% of the wait. Consequence of this is an unbalanced rotary action which is extremely fatiguing and often those all its in mild but distracting muscle pain. 

Item. Posture. This is mentioned so late because it has not seem to be a recent issue either positive or negative. But it is an elephant in the Room and if it gets Ignored and violated it will create hell. Remember that pasture can be the cause of making everything above unlikely or impossible and/or helping to re establish it. Seeding the perinium such that it experiences bearing 100% of the body weight 100% of the time may well be a means of always or often establishing the correct posture. Certainly some of this is going on. Whether it is a cure all all of the time is not yet known.

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