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Maybe too ambitious, Little Rock midday Monday.

2 days ago was quite traumatic for Saul. Several chains damaged when 1.5 mi from the evening destination the tire failed and would not take another patch, the all-
important rear-drive tire. In that one point five miles much trauma. Upon arriving last night there was evidence there is still some problem. Point being that sol may or may not be stables in might require some more work in coming days. But if Fortune is with us we might arrive in Little Rock midday at a machine shop on Monday. This to evaluate whether an external platform can be added to support the small gas elec generator that will be picked up tomorrow which provides substantial insurance against running short of energy to reach a destination. It also opens the opportunity of traveling through extended periods of clouds or overhanging trees which is a nice option. It is not essential for this that an external platform support the generator so that it can run during travel but that would be a nice addition. Monday or Tuesday in Little Rock we should at least gain insight as to the feasibility and maybe even affect an implementation.


Unknown said...

AARRGH !!!, a gasoline generator, evil!!

But, I understand the necessity of that bit of energy insurance, both physically and mentally, especially considering the foul weather you've been through. Also, yeah, some long stretches going thru "tree canyons" as I call them back there in the woodsy southeast, where there is little to no direct sunlight.

Charging times will be long. How many amps/AH will the generator supply? How much does it weigh?
I wish it didn't have to be that way, but it seems you don't have any other way to cope with the situation. At least I can't think of any workable alternatives. I originally started out carrying around a Honda 2000 watt generator in the back of our Nissan Leaf for a while.

Hugs from 3Ms

James McGinley said...

Lol. You know, it is an experiment that pleases me. Less than two hundred bucks for the generator, 900 w. 19 pounds and I figure another 12 pounds for the gallon of gas. Machine shop engineer in Oklahoma City share the idea and I think it's a great idea to try. No idea whether all stick was it or not. I have a purity Gene but I do it don't engage it or indulge it much.

Supposed to speaks to maybe too ambitious. Oklahoma was my last states with internet Interstate shoulders. Today's road was horrible. Brought on several catastrophes. Instead of averaging 10 miles an hour I suspect we'll have to drop down to eight miles an hour on such roads. two hugs and a pat.