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Fly over country? Death and decay. And that's our body.

 Death and decay in the body results in death and decay complete. 

Highway 64, O, that was the main highway across the state. This when James was speaking to a interstate truck stop employee, a nice fellow, about
how 64 was destroying his vehicle it was in such horrible shape.

 Although it is very difficult to be off of interstate shoulders it is very eye opening. 

From highway 64 generally 1 can hear interstate 40 and the roar of the trucks and cars. This while looking at the graveyard that all of the life along 64 has become. 

 the only reasonably new businesses being Dollar General or whatever it's called. The rural Walmart's. 

 Think about this. More than a few gas station toilets along this route will have a sign, Please put all paper in the wastebasket. Meaning do not flush your toilet paper, put it in the wastebasket. Maybe you've seen this before. James has not. So what's in the news? O Flint. Flint Michigan. Water crisis. It is not the point of James that Flint should not be in the news. It is the point of James that Flint is in the news and these white rural areas that are dying are not. I wonder why their f*****g outraged? I wonder why they're willing to burn down the whole world to act out that rage By standing with the vile evil creature trump? I can't figured out? Can you? liberal scum of the East coasters that benefit from the interstate highways? Why do these middle Americans hate them? I can't figure it out. O, does no one benefit from the interstates? Sure! The oil companies do. The truckstop chains do, but not for that many more years as the trucks go automated. The national mode and International motel chains do. Those wealthy enough to build a new resort some place due. The city's do. All Killing fly over country and drive by country through it they have every reason to be so infuriated theyll kill us all to act out their rage.
Mile after mile after mile after mile after mile of abandoned burned out or rotted out trailers and homes. Boarded up decaying businesses. For sale signs on the homes that are still standing. And then the occasion olmec mansion. Town after town after town reeking with decay. Screaming in pain, silent boarded up dying pain. Where the fuckings liberals? Where are the fuckings liberals? Where are the fuckings liberals? 

So the problem, James, is paying attention to flint?  The problem when 2 people are drowning is discriminating based on skin color who gets the hand of help. More particularly when there are many hands that could offer help but they are only offered to a few select posterchild convenient people of color that's discrimination, that's bigotry, that's disgusting. It's hateful. And liberals are rightly hated for it. The chickens are coming home to roost.

And the businesses that are left? Auto parts stores, a relatively new one in almost every town it seems. Every town it seems 1 can buy beer. Prosperous store fronts from back in the day If they're not boarded up are attempts at selling food . So-and-so's homemade pies. One was a tie dyed T-shirt shop. Out the middle of nowhere. Another which seemed not a-typical we Patch tires. Some of these look like they were holding on, some maybe open several days a week, some folded already. Really poignant. Used car lots. Car part salvage. What seem to be many abandoned farms. huge bales of hay, the big roles, seemingly rotting in the field or in big storage areas. On every front America is dying , the people, the economy, the creatures. Silent america

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