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Establishing the perennial is the beginning of everything else. It is the point of....

Oddly this is a bit of a new understanding. Establishing the perennial is the beginning of everything else. It is the point of effort done properly and that is the legs somehow sucking up to it. The
point of disaster if the opposit is allowed which is the legs pushing outward and downward against it.

The for a yesterday about the very short half inch diameter shaft horizontal I at the perennial left to right right to left has not materialized today. suggesting that it may be a interesting and useful mode that shows up from time to time and/or a level of coordination and excellence that is not a useful central principle which must be quickly and readily and easily repeatable. 

In today's short journey and there was good And honest recall by James and surprisingly the hoped for performance and dynamics did not show up. Finally when they did show up there were a number of key factors strict 

Item. James finally totally relax the legs, though they were still moving, to check in with the pretium and once the full body weight was experienced on the premium then the legs were fired up again. And this was extremely enabling of good performance and is now being repeated what seems like every few moments. 

And to emphasize what was mentioned above, James then realized that when the body found a perennial, experienced that, in this way, it Quite naturally pulls the legs up in such a way that it caused a pressing down on the pretium. The pressing down on the perinium was not the point but the body realized that it was something to work against in that way. The 1st part of today's journey the body was trying to do the opposit which is near always its natural inclination, so hard to spot and head off. That is to push against, outward, around the area of the torso against the petals. so understandable, never helpful in terms of establishing sustainable high quality low energy high power output. And yet the body always goes for that 1st. James is determined and expecting mechanisms and understandings will emerge maybe already above that enable a much better start 

Similarly euphoric item of yesterday James is a rotary engine, a turbine, also yielded really no positive results even through several hours today and now. suggesting that it to is not a foundational principle but enables. 

What was helpful was a new notion of swimming, the legs swimming whirling around the perineum. This too was insufficient to move James into the type of performance expected recently but it was a good stepping stone for that and is probably a very useful concept on going the legs swimming around the perineum area. 

But by way of emphasis, imagining that, understanding that, bringing that to mind, is totally insufficient, 100% weight on the perineum. It is sufficient to sending the body on a wild-goose chase. Not a good thing.

Was realizing that posture, even imperceptible little adjustments in the posture muscles are huge in terms of empowering sucking up and disem powering pushing down. Consistently now posture is proving insufficient by itself to achieve what's needed. But when enough of the other pieces are in place that thought is very useful in terms of increasing the performance. James, how can you get off to a better start tomorrow? 

One thought is, really hold yourself to the standard of very low human output until everything or enough things fall into place. Be careful however, this tends to mean a lower cadence which probably is not helpful.

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