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Cycling. Why can't I just have a normal boyfriend?!?! Dear, they don't exist.

 James, if you are looking for a normal way to move sol , or the 400 pounds of you and soul that you move every day for between 4 and 8 hours, if you are looking for a normal sane relaxed understandable way of doing that, well, it doesn't exist. 

And this for the last 5 or 6 days is what you had
switched to looking for. In a moment the several reasons for this excruciating detour.

But 1st Some words about why we think we have come back into the realm of acceptable insanity. 

 Many weeks ago now the notion of Turbo emerged turbine and secondarily rotary in conjunction with circularity, fast rpm, out of control, perineum eggbeater at cetera. 

 Somehow It came to James starting a week or so ago that there was a better way. That low cadence at times was of course a very sane thing to do for Relaxation downhills. Maybe most important but inconclusive The knew cycling shoes that James has been carrying for many months were finally employed a week or so ago and James was amazed at how They seemed to be fine even though the placement of the clip was much more toward the toes then the shoes he has been rdting for Years. Shoes that are discontinued sadly. And with a particular emphasis about 6 days ago there was A-day where flapping somewhat discreet discrete flapping or at least that's what it quickly morphed into somewhat discreet came on the radar screen and seemed to be a major breakthrough . And attention to posture had become a thing of the past. Attending to the posture muscles remained a thing but contemplating that the physical posture of the vehicle might be substantially a problem did not emerge until today. 

 Anyway Some possible major important life saving insights By way of emphasis in contrast with the horrible physical and psychological price paid these recent days by deviating from and violating the following. 

 Item. If you feel in control James you're in deep trouble. Circularity , Rolling whatever joint structure at the perineum is actually and play it seems can never be something that is done with a feeling of control. So if you're feeling in control or searching for control you're probably searching in a disastrous to direction. 

Item. .... Lower RPM is probably near certainly a harbinger of either searching for a control or that the door is being opened to search your searching for control which near certainly means searching for something that is binary not continuous high rpm Rotation participation in the rotation of the rolling joint at the perennial M that actually exists. 

 Item. Posture including continually adjusted depending upon the circumstances has a role to play. No pun intended. .... There seems to be a mistaken tendency to adjust posture in a way that would empower a bindery stroke down or up and it seems this is certainly a mistake. 

 But it is necessary to adjust posture even in micro ways as frequently as necessary so that the muscles are Somehow centered around their impossible crazy task of maintaining uncontrollable participation in the rolling object narrowly at the pretty him . 

Item inconclusive but a new thought arose yesterday which was not sufficient to fix everything But it seems promising and it has been helpful today .... Several of those actually One being that there actually is something rotating in the vicinity of the pretium There has to be it is some related aspect of the entire buttocks area hip joints that absolutely objective Li are rotating constantly. 

Item. Participating in the rotation. 

 Being part of the rotating object As opposed to acting on something separate which doesn't actually exist. 

 Item. It is crazy how much sustained energy comes out of this impossible out of control and means of moving saw. Having said that be humble James. Only 1/3 of a horsepower you are. To move more than half a ton. At best you are a little contributor. 

Item. Much more power comes out of this out of control mode of contributing to saul's movement then any attempt to be in control. It makes no sense for it james' body is totally exhausted. but here it is. Consistently 250 W per hour now being output where 210 or 220 was coming only at extreme frustration and pain at the lower rpm attempts at a sane means of moving saul were James felt it all in control. 

 Item.  may not be of monumental importance but it may be huge. A new realization yesterday. Every instant James is Telling the body and helping it learn where it can look for power And tragically it learns all too fast even if for many weeks it has been looking in the right place. the importance of this is it is so high leverage, so consequential whether James starts out the day and each segment Teaching the right thing or the wrong thing. And ezsentially the right thing always has to do with applying constant out of control high speed participation in the rotary action in the vicinity of the frenum. Somehow even the out of control seemingly weak action there if established early the body somehow sort of accepts well this is what we need to be trying to do. For as if the more natural horrible instincts of the body to tug and pull present thrust are indulged at all they have trained the body they have reminded it of an addiction and it can be lost the much forever in the quest of that energy.


Anonymous said...

Profound!!! I think fully understood this time.

James McGinley said...

Such a delight to hear from you, and to share such things with you. I think I had botched the headline by omitting The crucial word normal. A quote from the movie, As Good As It Gets. Two hugs and a pat.