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To those that seek Enlightened communities, extreme caution, Dead end.

This is a topic on which I have often intended to write.

In no particular order. 

Item. Eagles don't flock. .... Decades ago after James sold his company to a much larger one And had a trusted
lieutenant go to the executive meetings weekly, In hurt, I think, the CEO president of the larger company asked my lieutenant, why doesn't James attend these meetings? My lieutenant said he responded, eagles don't flock. Well, James, that was pretty self aggrandizing. Maybe not. Just a fact. And never had i thought of it that way and probably never would have, but this able lieutenant Said something that has stuck with me ever since. They don't

Remember how all of the great souls, the s, throughout history, have spent their lives establishing intentional good communities? Yeah, me either. .... 

Now, they all without exception devoted their lives to being good community, good friend, good family Universally, but not one devoted their lives to Creating what is thought of as a good physical community. 

 Were they all in error? Where they all making a mistake? Was this an oversight? 

No, The illusion of creating a physical space As the answer, a physically present intentional good community Is fatally flawed . And it is a death trap for Most promising souls that have ever been. 

All goodness for the individual And for any group small or large is in freedom from slavery and oppression to one's own head and flesh. Nearly always community starts with the notion of doing just that and is near immediately corrupted and destroyed By the opposit happening, the death grip in a million ways by the head and flesh over the sole. .... 

 If we think somehow that external conditions are the answer to freedom, to the good life, we have already decided, and who is to deny that right, not I, we have already decided that external circumstances are the path to internal freedom and joy. 

It is a death trap for the soul, pretty much always. 

Item. Tolstoy is not alone in concluding that the man Jesus who some including James consider the best we've ever had, the Einstein of our nervous system, Tolstoy is not alone in concluding that the man Jesus Said that vagrancy, wandering vagrancy was Absolutely essential. Speaking for James here for a moment, Slightly extreme as it is stated But life long experience is whittling away at that caviat. That doubt on the part of James. Poverty for poverty sake As Gandhi might have counseled also, Has always struck James as a fetish . A sick self indulgence. But strategically he is beginning to understand that .... Chosen wandering vagrancy, chosen life of poverty as a strategic answer to the world of individual suffering and collective suffering is probably absolutely obviously correct. How do I eliminate envy Unless to the head and flesh my life is not enviable? Clearly James has not personally solved this although the half million dollar house is gone the $400000 year remuneration is gone, trailer loads of stuff are gone, the opulent lifestyle is gone. And although he may be self deluding his sense is that what he has he has purely for his work and that were it to vanish moments from now He would be momentarily sad , he might attempt to recreate it, but his life wouldn't really change. The life of the soul is attempted service with all of the resources, all, all, all… at its disposal and the particular way is Simply determined by the circumstances of the moment. 

Item. 100%, 101%, 1000%, of healthy community is healthy individuals. Individuals that embody the soul One in a million. There was a particularly significant attempt, Wolf something maybe, Saw it mentioned in That Brock and Parker book, saving Paradise, whose name escapes me right now, back around 1900 maybe? A particularly worthy attempt at establishing a healthy community, and the likes of Emerson I think, and a few others Refused to participate. Now that proves nothing, but it is worthy of note I think. 

Item. Eagles don't flock. Great Souls disperse with no personal concern, to wherever the neediest might be served at the moment. No exceptions. It is just what a soul does.

Item. Having said all this, are there Good compassionate communities? Probably so. James was able to create them, allowed, permitted by cheating circumstances, to create them periodically in business and they were heaven. Although rare, the business entity with extremely decent humane leadership And thereby creating humane enterprise, they exist, And they're worth paying almost any material price to be part of when possible. 

 In the field of psychology there have been no more than five so other than charlatans that James' can find, maybe 10 maybe 15. Among those, Abraham maslo is a Beacon. And on James reading list That he is not gotten to yet, although most of Maslow 's works have been read by James multiple times decades ago, is a book entitled Eupsychian management. James remember skimming that and Although not being cause to doubt maslo, none the less unhappy, that maslo was so strident as to the necessity, the selection of good people is everything. The selection of the right people, self actualized souls, is everything. The idea was unappealing to me because always creating good souls has been important to me and his seems a deep pessimism. But he was right. .... The likelihood of Redeeming a crippled soul is vanishingly small. And the likelihood of a crippled soul destroying an otherwise healthy community is extremely high. This is horrible. But it is correct. 

Item. The only answer to Living in community, that experience of community, living in love, that experience of being bathed in love, the only sure sane way is being community, being love, incarnate, which is what the soul does, and that is being the soul incarnate, L being in carnate. When one is that, 1 has the primary life experience of that bathing oneself as it exudes. By the way, it cannot exude, it cannot come out, unless it is drawn purely and entirely by the attempt to provide severe help outside. But if 1 makes a life of that 1 is always bathed. 

Item. How about failing in the face of this advice? Partially or completely?

….. notes. Soul is pretty much charged, James is refueled, and will depart now for hopefully another 25 miles of travel. Then we'll add more to this post which has been dictated but not yet translated and proof read. To be continued.


James would counsel against  pragmatism? Let James and the reader recall sharply that maybe James has had a lifetime of practice and devotion to achieve freedom from head and flesh, that are otherwise worshiped in this deadly societee. So what of the individual in more difficult material circumstances, without the advantages of such long practice? 

Should anyone be  unaware, Insensitive to the make up of their existing and prospective community? No! This is more important than appropriate awareness to what goes in the mouth! 

What then? 

Honest facing the truth that the existence in this sick culture of healthy individuals that can be community are one in a million. Therefore being community, facing that they the subject individual are not necessarily the problem, But they exist in a desert, a graveyard, a toxic waste dump. That for those they care about, including themself, their best chance to provide community is to be community , as near perfectly an embodiment of the soul in charge as possible to. That's number 1. Number 2 would be an attempt to Watch for and Possibly bring about the rare and typically transient miracle of a second, or a 3rd, or 4th living Embodiment of the soul in proximity and involvement. For those employed For material work Paying particular eye to the health or lack thereof Of the owner, the leader, coworkers and being willing to pay almost any price To be in as healthy Environment such as is possible. 

For the parent, Trying to work the miracle of channeling as truly and thoroughly as possible Those who embody the soul into the world of the child. Through books, through studying in mastering the lives of these few great souls throughout history and thereby channeling them to the children. 

 Item. James, you are so negative on the idea of forming community. No, for most of my decades I was passionately intrigue and deeply hopeful including some study but not major. Against my wishes life has taught me what I have shared above and more. It is inherently a death trap. And the inclination is a extreme warming warning sign, symptom, of the head and flesh in charge. This is not the soul In charge. 

What I am against is being silent on what I know to be ultimately a disastrous waste of soul. It must be considered that James is wrong. It must be considered that James is defeatist. James considers both of those options and comes to the  clear conclusion as to the correctness of what has been stated above here. It is inherently a death trap. The degree to which it is brick and mortar and rules it is empowering and in ticing and inciting of the head and flesh in charge and disem powering of the sole. 

Item All of this unless what is considered by intentional community is coexistence for the explicit purpose of rescuing and protecting other souls with great heroism, And the material plan is explicitly and completely uninviting, un enviable to any imaginable head and flesh. Not for the purpose of some hideous ritual or discomfort. But because a, the soul wants nothing beyond its most basic needs so that it can give to others in greater need, and to 1st, for strategic reasons, as stated above, To avoid creating an environment that would attract and empower and insight and enable anything beside the sole.

Is all this a bleak Outlook? Not for the soul. The good nurse or doctor that comes on a horrible massive crash. Is their life bleak? Their life is consumed with the joy of trying to help, and grief.

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