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Solar rv cycling blog August 17. The orb is back, 900 pounds. Beware the new controller!!!

This is a summary log of the last week highlights. 

Item. Remembering 900 pounds approximately, keeping that in mind, appears to be The Rosetta Stone. Or close their to. If it is forgotten misery and extraordinary inefficiency can be expected. Immense frustration as the legs try and make sense by themselves of the vehicle and what to do. On the arduous 2800 Callery trip from Redmond to broken rim We almost beat ourselves to death chasing the vehicle with our legs trying to figure out where the hell it was and what the hell it was. When we remembered that we were 900 pounds, almost immediately the legs could make sense of things. Isn't that amazing?

Cycling log continued. Item. It is a 900 pound object. 

Item. It is a 900 pound object. 

item. It is a 900 pound object…. 

Item. the 900 pound object can be moved only by the knees, back of the thighs. 

item. It is possible for James to achieve that total of faith where the body accepts that all of the movement possibility of that 900 pound object is at the needs, back of thighs, and that all energy elsewhere in the lower legs is subtracted from that energy. It may be easily repeatable, it may be extremely difficult. 

item. When this faith is fully implemented at least today the effortless power was impossible to believe. Multiple times James looked down expecting to see a 60 or 80 human watts to encourage himself to find more ability to apply pressure to that object with the thighs, and instead, what he saw was a 130, a 150, a 160. This is a harbinger of a return to power levels not seen in a year and a 1/2 or more. 

Item. Sometimes the 900 pound orb at the knees is quite small, 5" in diameter, sometimes 2 or 3 times that diameter. Much to practice and learn about here. Important update. Complicated by the discovery noted below that the newer generation controller makes finding the orb nearly impossible, maybe impossible, sometimes the object is best found and felt and pressured simply by the back of the thighs. Much more to learn here. But the learning may be fairly rapid.

Item. Somehow the notion clearly in mind 900 profoundly resets the expectations of the body, legs of what their challenge is. Maybe this effect will vanish. Hopefully it will be very persistent. It is invaluable. Without that notion clearly in mind the leg bless their heart when the resistance Decreases they have the notion that they can go and Chase and little bit more power. And it totally exhausts and it is beyond frustrating almost to tears and all day was spent the other day trying to do it and it is not achievable by James. 

with the 900 pound object firmly in mind the legs instead Tend to favor of the thighs, much more strong, and they almost instinctively don't fall for the tease that they can go Chase this object. Rather when they feel it moving away, slight decrease in grade or whatever, a motor artifact, they don't get suckered in, they get patient and they wait for the object to come back to them, or, they more humbly try and find where it is what it is doing instead of chasing it. This effect cannot be overstated. It is the difference between misery and harmony. 

Item. Not as crucial  import is body position. James has regained a fair amount of confidence in the shape and orientation of the seat. .... With full faith that all of the force is there on the object behind the thighs slightly improved places of leverage it is important to explore. 

item . There was a notion which has not persisted today but useful that the knees, the knee area, and the underside of the knees, are the new feet. The natural tendency of having the feet be the ultimate place where power is applied to the crank. There was help in resisting that with the notion and the feeling and finding the feeling and re finding the feeling that the knees are the new feet. They really are. 

Item. When the faith spoken of above is fully in place which it was for substantial periods today all focus,  all energy, all notion is in that knee area.

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