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Protect, reignite soul . August 30th. So, I hit this squal, Of extraordinary souls!

It was an excellent day of travel, For a 3rd or 4th day James is back in relationship with Sol. Is not perfect,. He has figured out Out to meet souls needs for receiving energy. A small
cylindrical area at the very outstretch of the area of his knees Where in a way that's difficult to understand The downward motion and upward motion of each knee can feed energy Sol there. 

 The pine trees are magnificent along the interstate highway on which James and saul are traveling on the shoulder. And it was quite stormy until 2:00 in the afternoon or so. And then when not stormy the pine trees quite effectively blocked the Sun. 

 No great problem but it raised the specter of plugging in so that tomorrow could be done on a full charge. 

 About 2 years ago on the trip across the country James came through this exact area And stopped it a little gas station Which last time was quite receptive and this kind time not Unkind but not very helpful

 so this time he went to the establishment still in this remote area that he had not tried before period 
It was a storm of kindness. A squall of good souls. Absolutely extraordinary. 

Bobbie, the manager at the   convenience store Was curious why James was looking around the building. He said, I'm wondering if there's an outlet I can plug in to if I can receive permission? That's when he learned she was to proprietor and shortly she made arrangements. It was a tsunami of kindness and goodness and decency. 

 She contacted the proprietor, Donna I think, Who said, yes, He can draw his 15 cents worth of electricity, and sleep in the back on our property if he likes. 

 Amber, the manager of this darling little store, for James bought a couple of killer beers, yes, killer beers, Not proud of it but he did, and cheese puffs, A huge, oatmeal chocolate dessert, A .... Ice cream sandwich, and would have bought the 4 hot dogs but Amber said, no, after 4 o'clock, they've been on the skill at all day long, there yours free. 

 James inquired of Amber, is there Wi-Fi around here because there's no Verizon signal. Try the feed store next door? Are they open? Yes. 

I think the darling lady is Bonnie. She and a customer within minutes are handing me money. They are so pleased with the work being done with this vehicle. It was absurd. It was magnificent. It moves me to tears. We had the most wonderful 20 minute conversation. James had gone in because Amber said maybe they had Wi-Fi he could use. Bonnie was delighted to  provide password .... .... 

There is more I could say but basically, this will feed me for a long time period Where are all the nasty people from Idaho, JM asked at 1 point? O, there here, but over in cordalane, And other places. James said that he had found nice people there too, but not like this period Along the way in these conversations he had mentioned he eas was going to go and set himself aflame to expresses his grief and rage in front of the concentration camps where were destroying children of the wrong skin color, But 1st at least he is trying 48 States to see if he can Stir a soul here or there. All these people seem to hear what he was saying. They seemed to be really glad for what he was doing. In the feed store you had mentioned When the idea of A packet of food to Make friends with creatures was given to him, O, every cow that makes eye contact with me I speak to. Every horse that makes eye contact with me I speak to. The birds…… 

To James comment, I started 3 years ago when I had the illusion that we cared enough about our children and grandchildren to protect their planet, 3 years have taught me not at all, we know, was the reply. We think that what you're doing is awesome. James replied, my life is filled with grief, sorrow, the joy of trying to make a difference in Maybe one person's life, transcends that. They seemed to resonate.

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Nur said...

Awesomeness. Kindness is good for #differencemakers. Blessings.