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Major update general topics August 5th period

 The vehicle was in a automotive parts Store parking lot gathering son as James was inside a wonderful country restaurant, little diner, also gathering son, well, the energy from the Sun stored in 2 large pancakes and a 10 oz
steak. Yes, a steak. This having had multiple warm conversations with cows in the 6 mile ride into town this morning. My general practitioner has concern that I eat red meat from time to time And the restless leg syndrome last night suggested that maybe James iron level is getting low. And if I don't support my sister and brother ranchers who will? Deadly serious.

So the vehicle was parked in the auto parts parking lot because that's where the Sun was and that's where James would be when the auto parts place opened So that when they opened he could purchase a bottle jack that somehow he left by the roadside several days ago.. Someone approached. Quite friendly. Mid fifties white man. Looks reasonably prosperous materially. Said he remembered seeing me probably a year ago up in Oregon. Asked where I was going. As almost always James answers, he said, well, eventually I might execute what was planned number one, and go and burn myself alive in front of 1 of the concentration camps where we are destroying children because we don't like where they're from and what color of their skin is. But right now I'm executing my current plan a which is to attempt to visit all 48 states and reignite a soul here or there.

how do you know their concentration camps? They aren't concentration camps, Concentration camps are where people are exterminated. James replied, sir, I am not a smart man. What I know is the children, my children, my family, should not be in cages. But why do you call them concentration camps he persisted, not impolite but definitely wanting to press the point. James replied, be well friend, and went on with his business of getting water in those jugs. It was an encounter James was glad for a. James who's glad for what he had an opportunity to share. He was glad to be reminded that he is not here to tell other people what to think. But he is in a position to, when appropriate, tell people what he thinks. 

A little later, when getting 700 Callery burritos that are turning out to be a way for James to consume they 3000 calories he needs a day, in a Native American convenient store, another late fifties early sixties white man,  pleasant, was drawn to the vehicle. Our conversation, or rather the words from James, were similar. I hope people are able to hear your message and that you are successful, the gentleman said. 

 James is re establishing a relationship with the vehicle on more normal terrain than where he was all Winter time, choosing to the climb extreme hills every other day at extremely low cadence. Cycling every day, on much more normal terrain at much more normal cadence is a whole different ball game. If it was possible during the Winter for James to establish a relationship with this vehicle, well, it didn't happen. He is now gradually though dramatically re establishing a relationship.

It is 900 pounds. We are a 900 pound object. This dramatic realization is primally helpful to the body in terms of figuring out what it is to do.

Really a dramatic realization today was, James, your job is not to expand as much energy per hour as possible. Your job is to deliver as much energy as you can sustain abbly to the vehicle per hour with  as little energy as possible per hour as much power and is little energy from your body as possible. This is really helpful.

Long forgotten lessons about how much energy it takes to simply move this vehicle at about 9 miles an hour which is a speed at which when drag is not yet much of a factor. Old lessons are being re learned and possibly, probably, at a deeper level of understanding then James ever had due to the huge investments in learning this Winter time period

Regarding travel plans so far the fried rear moter acting as a brake when the short activates has not shown itself. There how much has changed it probably. So one option is to stay in this area of Lakeview until the replacement motor and wheel arrive on Friday . But probably what will be done, the Direction of travel will be change.  Instead of Burns Oregon northeast, We will head over to Bend Oregon to the North Northwest and have the motor delivered there, reason being both directions of travel, about a 170 miles, toward toward Bend Are A few spots with cell phone access  and probably a bit more water in case we get maroon. No water North. Very desolate. Beautiful, but very desolate,  a huge saline Lake.

In Lakeview there are quite a few items waiting at the Post Office today. A wonderful son of this morning is now clouding over a bit We have been very fortunate. Probably Post Office will be reached before they're closing today will enable this journey toward Bend to begin. We will depart but only after securing a Grinder at the hardware store in the event that the motor clogging In the middle of nowhere in which case James would need to Undertake the all day project of removing the rear wheel, dis assembling the motor, and removing all the wires, the factory in Vancouver said might be achieved using a grinder.


Anonymous said...

We love ya. Forgot the bottle jack along the road. Well done, another soul will find serendipity in your loss. Not a horrendously expensive item but one that you definitely need for attending to the rear wheel repair due to the 900 lb load. Yes, a grinder! A little heavy, but Oh so handy when you need one. You will probably find other uses for it, also. And a 10 oz. STEAK TOO!!:-). Hey, you earned it with all that rear motor cogging to fight against.

We traveled that route back in Aug. 2006, but heading the opposite direction from Bend to Lakeview. We stayed at Junipers RV Park near Lakeview. There is a nice Nat. Forest CG just above Paisley, OR. We camped there for several days next to the creek/river. We noticed that on the hillside on the other side of the stream all the Juniper trees had been cut down. Apparently, the locals believed that the Junipers were sucking all the water out of the ground and making their wells run dry and not allowing the money crop (Ponderosa Pine, I think)to grow and be logged off for profit, or maybe they were ruining the cattle grazing, yeah, I think that was it.

You are the king of perseverance and single minded determination.

Hugs from 3M's

James McGinley said...

Such a spectacular note. Thank you. It is so uplifting to hear from you. I am totally wiped out after yesterday, please understand. Three hugs.