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Ignite Soul log May 5. Some in town expressing frustration for James? Irritation? Discomfort? James may be doing good.

Two nights in the hostel. A variety of factors converged. Fatigue, back pain, a marathon running event of unknown size to James suggesting dangerous congestion on the roads. And the new signage which suggested that the vehicle sitting  in town might be an interesting experiment.

It was a good experiment. Inconclusive regarding the back and the signage but some positivity.

Not anticipated but encountered where is several indications that James is becoming an irritant in the area to some, not all. And this may be incorrect. Maybe to all, maybe to none.

Familiarity breeds contempt. It does with few exceptions. James is very familiar in this area now. For Reasons of, having been here for months and with much longer daylight hours so the sheer hours of obvious visibility are increased everyday.

With these possibly hostile in counters he found himself moving from sadness to Gladness  at the possibility. Why Gladness? One is glad when one sees a potential disaster in time, no? When one learns a lesson in time?

But then James saw that maybe he is becoming some of what is needed. A substantial LSGIA being. This was initially a surprising thought to James. But then it began to make sense. We are profound Lee embracing of our head and flesh oppressing our souls to the point of death. When someone with a soul in charge is introduced, after a time the novelty of this wears off and the sense of a threat of normalcy images. Indeed. It is inevitable unless the individual inserted is really not different than the norm.

And James gladly found himself becoming more ready to move on.

And something else, that surprise him, was a willingness to wait to be told to move on. This might not be coming, but if it is, James tendency would be to move on first. No. That would be to deprive the local folks of the experience of deciding to tell goodness to move on. What a wonderful opportunity, what a terrible thing to deprived them of.

Several very important projects, small, but high leverage, progress was made these recent days.

If James is have to leave he will do so. If it is the central will of enough of the community. He is glad now to realize that shame on him if he is not ready to do so at any moment. This item is now top on his daily to do list as a reminder.

Being ready means, for James, being prepared to lose no significant energy and time from the mission. So substantial progress was made in updating James reading list priorities and contents. And this updated list is now on .

Right now yesterday also, first revision of an exercise to rank notable individuals as to the intensity of their LSGIA Being, was completed. And posted . James was surprised at some of the things he learned. There are hybrid individuals. Combination of soul and cerebral cortex and hypothalamus substantially active. Vying for control. Or cooperating in control. He had not seen this but he does now. He was surprised to see that the substantially LSGIA  is never a hybrid, all three in combination controlling. Always soul in charge but using cerebral cortex and hypothalamus to the optimum. He was not surprised but it was useful to see that the anti LSGIA being, creatures of evil, are usually or always hyper active cerebral cortex and hypothalamus allies in their destruction of creation. That always the LSGIA being is driven for joy and the anti LSGIA being, the creatures of destruction, always motivated by pleasure and without any joy. Addicted to the intoxication of pleasure. Willing to destroy anything, to destroy everything, to increase that pleasure. Particularly to destroy goodness.

With a mixture of Gladness and dismay Franz de wall, our inner ape, is receiving more study. Chimpanzees and bonobos. Doubtless there is much we learn by understanding these ancestors. Wondering however if Franz is able to trans send? Or if he is limited by applying what he sees there to us? Central Lee, does he see the capacity for building a life on the pursuit of joy, on the soul in charge? Does he find that in our primate cousins, does he find that within our species? Do not know the answer yet.

James work on ranking LSGIA being and various study materials for himself and others as clarified that igniting soul is his primary work. His understanding of soul, the limbic system, the mamalian brain, is such that it is the seat of the amazing being potential. It is inherit Lee good because it is inherently part of all of creation. It is that intelligence, it is that energy. Therefore the extent to which goodness is advanced in the well being of all creation, it is inclined to do that, only that, with all of its being. So for all intents and purposes if the soul can be ignited, Re ignited, because it is ignited in every newborn, then essentially the work is done.

Maybe an additional important clarification received by James through his work these last several days is that 95 percent of that, is being that, being intentionally LSGIA being. That everything besides that is of vastly less importance. So James although inclined due to his training in this culture, even the best of the training, is inclined to try and convince with good evidence and argument, that is targeted at the cerebral cortex. No, igniting the soul is the work and being a repository of as many of those prior souls as possible as intentionally as possible is the central work the James needs to do. And the central work for all of us. James was surprised  to de emphasize some of the readings that only months ago he expected to be delving into and elevated others based on these just mentioned considerations.

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