Solar RV cycling log April 27th. Millimeters of body adjustment maybe crucial.

Several weeks ago major change was made to the physical seat orientation. New holes drilled, the seat made more recumbent. This seems not only to have been a necessary adjustment but there is a vague recollection that before James replaced broken seat brackets more than a year ago he may have done this and forgotten. That would explain a lot why things have felt so foreign so often these last 18 months or so. Fighting to reclaim  lost performance.

No, no, no, no, James does not understand why day after day, journey after journey, his body is still demanding to optimize. Shaking his head.

And it is. Constantly it is trying to improve things and so far James basically trusts it's wisdom.

Tonight has been a good ride, the objective being staying with in the comfort level of the body so it is not  a verse to these long voyages, getting an excellent work out and this will be well over a thousand calories, probably 1,300 more, and leaving the mind largely free for study. James has allowed a slight lapse on the latter tonight to make room for some things the body was trying to explore.

Who knows why, but the body wanted to explore tonight finding the mechanical relationship to the fictitious gear at the knee. Gear at the knee is fictitious, but the absolute mechanical linkage to the real chain ring is not fictitious.

So it is as if the body was saying, okay, this imaginary chain ring at the knee is a good idea, but I want to feel the mechanics of it up close and personal every stroke.

And there has been some of this for weeks. The whole notion of digging, feeling the end of each stroke as one would in an upright cycle has been a very helpful factor.

That emboldens and informs the body maybe. I think so. So tonight the body said, okay, I have a feel for this, it's helpful, but you're actually not putting me in contact with a real thing and I want that.

Side note. Why has James driven off the road, off the edge on to the gravel, right wheel, at one point four mi an hour, for about the sixth time tonight?

So tonight has been, James, dial way back on the motor ratio, you do one part the motor only does 3, that means a very slow cadence, and James, go as slow as you want in the cadence and therefore the velocity as a vehicle. Where is the mechanical end of your fictitious knee gear? Well, I said, we are in the vicinity of it and we have been for weeks. The body said, no James, that's not good enough, I want to feel the actual thing.

And in this third hour of trying to satisfy, it is being approximated. What seems to have achieved that was Scooting the butt forward a good inch or so so that a full full full rotation down to about 45 degrees which is the physical full leg extension on the pedal, fully could feel that sort of hard point. And it was not up until now. And it is liking this. The body is saying, okay, you're getting me something to work with in tactile. We don't have to rely on imagination quite so much. Well, we have banged knees once. On the two inch aluminum cross bar. Ouch. We had to move towo thin towels back about 3 inches so they are less under the butt and more under the initial lumbar of the spine. And the thick wonderful seat cushion back another 2 in as well so it was not interfering with the thighs.

Totally no fabulous numbers here. But the body is right Lee happy that it's doesn't have to do so much guessing. It can feel the reality of the machine. It is substantially emlowered  automatically it seems and that makes James glad. More automatic.

Yes, who knows what can of worms this will open. LOL.

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